Listing calendar now displaying nightly prices

I was taking a look at my listing using “Incognito” in Chrome to see how I was doing in the search rankings, and I noticed a new feature in my city: the listing is now showing a calendar with the nightly price.

Anyone else seeing this yet?

This might be beneficial for guests traveling to stay with destination hosts. Guests might plan their vacation around being able to stay at a particular place like Mearns’s island.

However, most of us are probably hosting guests who are looking for accommodations open on their dates of travel. I’m not sure what use this new feature might serve except to prompt guests to ask for a discount. I get inquiries bargain-hunters on busy weekends when all the cheaper accommodations are taken, so I can see guests asking, “You only charge $100 a night on Mondays, could you drop your price on Memorial Day weekend?”

It was possible to look up prices for other nights, but you’d have to enter those dates into the calendar rather than seeing them all at once like this.

On the bright side, this will make it easier for me to research the seasonal rates in my city.

I opened an incognito window and my listing still displays in the old way. I can see it being a pain with guests asking about different prices on different dates but I’ll just wait and see if they roll this out on a bigger scale.

I have it in the UK, not sure if I like it or not. Might be ok for the retired folks not tied to dates who like to save a penny or two