Listing a 3 bedroom unit as either a 1 , 2 or 3 bedroom property under 1 listing

Hi, not sure if this question is relevant to this group.
I have 3 units listed with airbnb, a 1, 2 and 3 bedroom.

I have had them under 1 listing for each unit for many years, but would like to be able to allow bookings for say the 3 bedroom, as either a 1 2 or 3 bedroom, and charge per night on this.

I thought i had it sorted out with the paying per person charge, with the price going up per night for 2 or more people, but this doesnt work when they ask for seperate rooms, and anyway the listing shows as 3 bedroom or what ever.

I could of course put the listings under 3 seperate listings, but being for the same unit would lose all my reviews, and ratings would suffer as 1 unit would be divided into 3.

Hope this makes sense. cheers tim

So you are going to rent out the entire place, but want them to pay per bedroom they use, regardless of the number of people?

Airbnb shows reviews for other hosts listings. I would make 2 new listings for the 2 bed and 3 bed. Is the 3 bed a whole house listing? or still shared?

The 3 bedroom is under 1 listing.maybe I’ll turn off instant book and put in description it’s a 1 2 or 3 bedroom

I was thinking of doing the same . Once again had a group renting only 3 bedrooms out of a whole house and it worked great. They stayed for 2 weeks and I rented other bedroom to other guests by day. Just was not sure how to do it and never did it. .
How do you list though 1 bedroom ? Like a private room ?

no, it is only 1 unit. it would either be rented as a 1, a 2 or a 3 bedroom unit.

A ok… no. That won’t work for me. So everytime you rent to only 2 people the rest of the rooms stay empty and you loose money?
I don’t see the point. So you lock other rooms?

they are holiday unit. We dont live there

That’s understandable…I’d you rent it as a whole unit. What I was saying that I don’t see the point for me to rent it to only 2 people and keep other rooms empty

It sounds like you are just trying to get them to pay per person and limit them to a number of bedrooms. There have been threads on this, and the consensus was that there is no way to accomplish this automatically with one listing. It’s possible you could create three listings - one for a one-bedroom, one for a two-bedroom, and one for a three-bedroom, and link the calendars so if one gets booked the other ones automatically show as booked, too.

As far as I can tell, your only option is to not allow instant booking, and say on the first line of the listing “The price is for two people per bedroom. Single occupancy will incur an additional charge” and then make special offers for the increased rate.

But I don’t know how you will enforce this. I suspect many people will pay the lower price for double occupancy and will then clean up after themselves in the extra bedrooms in an attempt to hide that they used more bedrooms than paid for.

Frankly, if I looked at your listing and saw that you charged for more people AND more bedrooms, I’d probably not book.

No we lock bedrooms not booked as do other owners. Charge per room per night and then just a linen price per person

We have 2 listings one for a 2 bedroom and one for 3 bedrooms. The 2 bedroom has the master bedroom and bathroom locked off and has 6 guests max. I have it very clear in the listing that the master bedroom is locked off and it is not pictured. The 3 BR has 10 guests max. We have had smaller families book the 3 bedrooms at a higher price as well. It seems to work well for now. I notice on vrbo they tend to just start at a low price then add for extra guests over a certain number. Honestly 4 people can use 4 bedrooms so I know that would not work for me.

I have done what you are trying to do and it is as PitonView says: have a separate listing for each and link them. That’s what I do for the exact reason you are talking about. If you still need help feel free to PM me.

Thanks for your feedback. Yes it seems only way to go. Just annoying as it means the one property goes further down the listing, as bookings are divided by 3.

Thanks tim

Think of the positive though that a big problem Guest with a bad review won’t effect the rest of your listings…