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Listing 2 rooms for 1 group


I am new to airbnb. I have 2 bedrooms to rent in my house. There is one bathroom for the 2 bedrooms and i have my own sleeping area and bathroom in another area of the house.

One bedroom has a king sized bed and the other has 2 single beds. I don’t plan on renting to 2 different groups of people. I envisage it would be for either a couple or a couple with children or a group of friends.

I rushed into the listing without reading the instructions. I am listed under private room. My current listing is 1 room with 3 beds for 4 guests ( not correct). I want to change the no. of beds to 1 as in KS bed. I guess I will have to make another listing for the other room. But my plan was for couples to charge $95 and then for extra people in the other room to charge say $30 each ( either the couples friends or children). then I changed it to 1 room $95 with $30 extra for guests >2. But that now looks as though there are 3 beds in 1 room and more than 2 guests can stay in the room I can’t see how I can do this. Also I cannot see how to change the number of beds in my current listing. I can change everything else.

y listing is https://www.airbnb.com.au/rooms/4804990?s=3kTK.

in conclusion will I have to delete that listing and do 2 new listings 1 for each room and then I will lose my 1 good review??

Thanks in advance


You’ll have to create a new listing for the new room but I think you can just change the settings on your current room by going to the edit page.


I have the same issue with two rooms I want to offer to the same party. How has this been resolved? How did you finally list your rooms>


I listed as 'entire house’with clear explanation that the living and kitchen rooms were shared but a guest has reported me to airbnb for false advertising. So now i have to relist

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