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Listed/unlisted glitch - check your listing

On Friday I noticed a message on my airbnb listing. It said “your property is unlisted”. This was news to me as I hadn’t deliberately unlisted it.

So I looked and saw that the unlisted button was selected. So I changed it so it was listed. I refreshed the screen and low and behold it was appearing as unlisted. I’ve repeated this using both google chrome, firefox and on my ipad and my kindle and found that it keeps happening. My listing isn’t appearing in the search results.

I’ve contacted airbnb. The last message I had back from them was that the issue was affecting some other users and that my enquiry would be passed to the correct department. Since then I’ve heard nothing back.

I’ve searched this forum for someone experiencing the same glitch and I can’t see any other posts. So I thought I would start a new topic just in case this is a thing.

Airbnb usually get back to me about enquiries within a few hours. The silence itself is disconcerting.

Does this ring any bells with anyone else? Does anyone know what might be going on?

Thank you and I apologize if this has arisen before on the forum and if I have failed to find the topic.


Yes, I have heard of this. It’s not a glitch. Airbnb has removed your listing for some reason known only to them. Perhaps your listing is illegal where you are?

Thanks for the reply. Well at least it is not something technical that might be hard to fix. It is something that has deliberately been done. The listing is in London UK so I think it’s unlikely to be for illegality. I guess I’ll just have to wait for the explanation from airbnb.

We have heard they don’t answer or explain when they turn you off. I hope you at least get an explaination!

Maybe this has something to do with it?

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Thanks for finding this article. Looks like it’s time to part company with airbnb.

There has a be a reason. No way do they want to lose that kind of revenue. Why cant they tell the host or allow the host to make changes to keep them on? Suspicious.

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Hosts in New York,have reported the same thing. This is a known activity. Also when they do it, they just cut you off. No customer service rep will talk to you. Must be in the TOS that they can do whatever they want without explanation.

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I wonder if it is more to do with the type of offering. E.g. if it is a whole space or a room within someone’s home. Airbnb could be looking to specialise in one or the other.

Hi Dominic, I was thinking that to. Airbnb has always been about hospitality ie, focus more on hosting. So maybe they prefer the process of guests staying in a hosts home with them, rather than renting a separate apt…I dunno, obviously more to it…but
If you read Airs response in the article, they say:
When contacted by the BBC, the company said: "Our mission is to allow Airbnb guests to connect with hosts who provide local and authentic experiences that make cities better places to live, work and visit. We routinely carry out initiatives for quality purposes and adherence to this mission…
"As said previously, this is not unusual or unique. It’s routine activity that happens around the world. "

Also just read this in the terms and conditions:
Suspension, Termination and Airbnb Account Cancellation

We may, in our discretion and without liability to you, with or without cause, with or without prior notice and at any time, decide to limit, suspend, deactivate or cancel your Airbnb Account. If we exercise our discretion under these Terms to do so, any or all of the following can occur with or without prior notice or explanation to you: (a) your Airbnb Account will be deactivated or suspended, your password will be disabled, and you will not be able to access the Site, Application, Services, your Airbnb Account, your Member Content, or receive assistance from Airbnb Customer Service, (b) any pending or accepted future bookings as either Host or Guest will be immediately terminated, © we may communicate to your Guests or Hosts that a potential or confirmed booking has been cancelled, (d) we may refund your Guests in full for any and all confirmed reservations, irrespective of preexisting cancellation policies, (e) we may contact your Guests to inform them about potential alternate Accommodations with other Hosts that may be available on the Site, Application and Services, and (f) you will not be entitled to any compensation for reservations or bookings (even if confirmed) that were cancelled as a result of a suspension, deactivation or termination of your Airbnb Account. You may cancel your Airbnb Account at any time via the “Cancel Account” feature of the Services or by sending us an email. Please note that if your Airbnb Account is cancelled, we do not have an obligation to delete or return to you any Content you have posted to the Site, Application and Services, including, but not limited to, any reviews or Feedback.

Did you have any guests booked in?

ps: sorry to hear thats happened to you btw:(

I also noticed as i go into my message box it now says ‘Promote your listing by embedding it on other sites’.
Has anyone else got this?
Maybe theyre getting to big and cant handle all the listings anymore? :0

another interesting articlehttp://www.fastcompany.com/3056726/fast-feed/airbnb-delistings-anger-hosts-and-raise-claims-of-data-fudging

Yeah that’s been around for ages

I guess the key is not to many multiple listings, and perhaps put other listings under other family members names (i.e husband/wife).

ah ok! Phew! :flushed:

Same happen to me in Barcelona. Unlisted since December. Complained several times but no answer from Airbnb. I had to create a new one and start from zero reviews. I had 5 stars ad over 50 reviews.

This happened to me as well but i used a different address as well and verified IDs and they still cancelled me.

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