Listed property, future reservations

So i have two units in Aspen CO. I am listing one to try and purchase a larger unit. This unit has great cash flow and i think it will sell this summer.

I need to know what the AIr BNB policies are for selling and then future reservations.

I am still taking reservations, i dont have any offers on the unit yet. But I have had a lot of showings.

Any input would be appreciated.

You can’t transfer reservations when you sell the house. Certainly mention it to prospective buyers though.

so will i just have to cancel any that have booked after the close? Will it affect hosting status?

Don’t do it yourself. Call Air and let them do it to avoid the penalties. If the house is selling that is a good reason to waive the penalties.

THanks, i will do that when it sells.

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We just did this last month. The seller kept taking reservations until closing and Airbnb allowed her to “cancel” w/o penalty and she messaged the guests telling them of the sale and our new Airbnb site. We ended up with all but one of the guests rebooking with us. It went pretty smoothly, even if I was stressed about the process, being new to it. Best of luck!

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That is an idea. Work with the buyer to see if they want to transition over during the escrow period.