List of all Vacation Rental websites that can sync calendars between each other?

I am trying to determine every possible vacation rental website I should list my property on. They would just need to all be able to sync calendars between each other. I want the maximum amount of exposure possible.

What are all of the different vacation rental websites that you list on?

Don’t count on it working all the time.
I’ve had to do damage control twice from calendars that should have been synced and weren’t. Don’t use IB on Air if you are on multiple platforms. I use a paper calendar and check it first before accepting any booking.

As far as I know, these are the most popular ones:

  1. Airbnb
  2. Homeaway
  3. Flipkey / Tripadvisor

Can anyone recommend others that will sync with all of these calendars?

Hi @tmc1284

I wouldn’t go for maximum exposure as your key objective. Read how each listing company works, commission charged, whether they attract your target guests before signing up.

Expedia (I have some bookings with them) with all related websites
You own website

I have a channel manager, no problem of double bookings

[quote=“tmc1284, post:3, topic:18622”]
Can anyone recommend others that will sync with all of these calendars?
[/quote]Glamping Hub…

I gave up on trying to be listed on every site. It’s way too much of a pain to keep updating calendars across all those different sites. There are some dashboards that allow you to do it but there are rules like VRBO or you need five properties some of them you’re not allowed to do co-hosting and Airbnb others Airbnb you have to have instant booking on. So I keep it to Airbnb and VRBO I gave up trying to list everywhere takes double-booking very seriously. Beware, as their calendar only syncs a few times a day - I noticed mine wasn’t synced after I got an ABB booking and I had to get in and manually block the dates. I didn’t have my password so I called my account rep and she told me they only sync about every 8 hours.

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