Link to write review?


I had a guest checkout about 48 hours ago. Typically, I’ve gotten emails from Airbnb reminding me to write a review within 24 hours of checkout. This time, I haven’t gotten any email. I also don’t have a notification on asking me to write a review. Any idea why it’s not showing up? Thanks.

I presume it may be late? Wait another 12 hours, then contact airbnb

We got one today for a guest who checked out 4 days ago.

thanks for the quick responses. I had assumed that it was always 24 hours but looks like that isn’t the case. I will wait a couple of days before contacting them.

Yeah, the system seems a bit whacked. I think its odd it is not more consistent.

This happened to me a few weeks ago for our first time as a guest. As a fellow host, I wanted to make sure I left a well-deserved 5-star review. I called AirBnB and the rep sent it right away. Might have been a glitch.

It’s hidden a bit:

Manage listings > profile button by your trips > reviews > reviews by you

I think sometimes the Air emails go straight to my junk box for unknown reasons and not all of them.

It’s a glitch in the system, a lot of hosts are complaining about. It has happen to the last two guests I hosted the prompt now taking almost 3 days to get to me.

When I can’t find them I have to log into my computer and they are always there.

At one point they were popping up before guests even checked out.