Link check, please?

This past summer, my Airbnb account was “unintentionally disconnected” after some code changes were made to the mapping system on their site. It took 3 weeks to get back up & running again, and the AirBnB Host Forum was a big help to me at that time by offering to check my link. Would a few of you do the same for me again, please?

Except for those 3 weeks off the map, I’ve had steady guests all year – yet for the last 2.5 months, I’ve had no nibbles despite being a 4.8 star host. My stats show that I’ve had views… but no guests during Oct, Nov, Dec : [

The link works. Many people have mentioned that it’s slow season. Also competition is increasing all the time.

Why do you have it listed as entire place instead of private room? I see a guest mentioned that in the review. Although you make it clear in the description I’d list it as a private room. If I were looking for an entire place I would expect a kitchen not just a refrigerator and microwave. Airbnb also classifies entire place in the same way.

Also, not having it on instant book might be costing you some bookings.

BTW, I have a similar set up a private ensuite room with separate entrance and a newly added refrigerator and microwave and mine is listed as private room, not entire place.

Thanks so much for checking, and for your comments, @KKC. Curious that the year’s end is considered a slow season, when this is one of the most popular seasons of the year for travel. My prices are competitive but it’s true that there’s an increasing amount of competition in my city.

Re: Private Room vs Entire House categories: When I first started my Airbnb in Jan 2016, I had it listed as “private room” for a month without any response; after talking to other hosts and describing my space to them, I was advised to list it as “entire place” and immediately started getting bookings. It’s more than a private room… there are two rooms, one which functions as a living room/workspace. In a way, neither category is right-on-target for me.

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Don’t just check your link. You need to be putting in searches to see if you show in all searches that fit your listing. Use non-dated searches and select 1 guest. Do you show? Then put in a filter with 1 guest and do you show? Use a dated search and do the same.

I do not show in all the searches I should appear in and Air refuses to do anything about it. There are not even probably more than 50 listings in my area but I disappear depending on if the guest enters dates, number of guests (that I still qualify for, etc.).


Yes it’s working fine

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Does it have a separate lockable entrance?

I have a three room suite, but it doesn’t have its own entry. It is NOT an entire house or apartment. It is a private room. Man would I be annoyed if I thought I had booked an apartment only to discover it was contained within your house.

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@Louise @smtucker :: A duplex is “contained within” a multiple occupancy house – but it is it’s own very independent, private space. My rental space is like a duplex, only it’s upstairs rather than side-by-side. There is zero overlap between the guests’ space and my own space. It was built in 1925 as a boarding house, so the house was literally built to house the owner downstairs and the boarders in separate rooms upstairs. Guests come in their own separate, lockable front entry (my entry is a side entry) and into the stairway. There is no passage between the downstairs entryway and my personal living space. I have to make a deliberate effort to intersect with the guests, otherwise they’d never see me. Local host friends tell me that it should be categorized as an apartment.

@Dia Separate entrance, and you can call it an entire place for sure. I misunderstood your description. Sorry 'bout that.

I have a separate entrance but don’t, and won’t call mine an entire place unless I add a kitchen. Every duplex or apartment I’ve ever seen has a kitchen. I’d be annoyed if I booked an “entire place” and it had no kitchen. It seems to me better to under promise and over deliver.