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Link Airbnb Booking calendar to my website

Hi all hope is well!

I would like to know if its possible to link my airbnb calendar to my website so that I wont have double bookings. Is this possible?

Yes if it s supporting ical format

Care to explain more? very interested

I don t know the technic but i know it s possible with ical. What kind of website do you have?

I havent created it yet, but I am seeing if it is possible… Still at the planning stage, but i don’t want to go all out on the website and then i cant link airbnb calendar - it will be too confusing as could have double entries

Check lodgify. I am using it. Get back to me if you want a referral

What kind of property do you have? Do you rent out multiple rooms? Multiple apartments? Do you run a B&B or a hotel? If you don’t, it might just be easiest to flat out use Airbnb without creating a separate website. What are the pros to creating a separate website for you?

The place bnblechalet.com (my dad website mine is on the way). We are gettine more booking

Just an apartment. Yes I will be using airbnb as the main portal, however if i get a few extra bookings via the website to cover my off peak months it would be a bonus

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