Limited Liability language for COVID-19

Guess it’s someone’s lucky (or unlucky) day today as this is my second post, today but I felt this deserved a separate thread.

The AHLA call (American Hotel and Lodging Assoc.) today focused on the lobbying efforts underway. One of the major topics is limited liability language the hotel industry is trying to get inserted into the Cares 2.0 legislation.

FOR THOSE WHO HOST OUTSIDE OF AN online travel company (OTC) (e.g. Airbnb), it may be that your homestay or rental agreements need new language for the circumstance someone claims your place got them sick and wants to hold you accountable.

I expect some of the lawyers on here will have thoughts and possibly links to language later, if not sooner.

As if we don’t already have enough to think about! If the hotels think new language is needed then I suppose we should be thinking about it too. I would expect the OTC’s will cover hosts in the booking process, so if you don’t go outside those it’s probably not an issue.

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