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Lighting - What do you use?

What sort of lighting do you use? Incandescent? LED? CFL? Halogen? Have you had any comments from guests as a result?

In the newly remodeled guest room it is all LED (bulbs in fixtures, ceiling recessed lights, ceiling fan, bath vanity light, desk light, bed reading light) except for one small bedside lamp. No comments from guests other than to ask where the controls are for some ceiling lights.

Hi @felixcat,

That seems like a no-brainer to me. LED, of course. It’s the cheapest to run by far (really low wattage), the bulbs last for ages (as long as you don’t buy crap), the light quality is good, and it burns cold (a big plus). We are still mostly using CFL here, but plan to transition to LED gradually.

I don’t like Halogen. It burns hot, and it’s dangerous. There’s just too much of a fire risk.


It sounds like a no-brainer, but does it make your guests content? I have had a couple very demanding guests mention the lighting patterns and CRI of LED lights in their private discourse. Philips LEDs seem to bring more contentment than the GE versions, for example.

Well, I don’t have enough LEDs in use yet to really be noticeable. Also, I’ve hardly had any guests yet. But I figure that it’s easily the best option technologically, and the light it produces is just fine. If your guests have strong views on LED vs not LED, that’s pretty surprising IMO.

Wow, your guests commented on your lighting? Color Rendering Index? Seriously? Are they aristocracy? Or professional artists, perhaps?

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