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Liability Insurance that works across ALL Platforms- Not just AirBnb


Hey Airhosts!

At Peers we just launched a great new product, that we think would be super helpful. Last week we launched Homesharing Liability Insurance- a $1 Million policy that protects you from personal injury lawsuits, property damage lawsuits as well as reimbursing lost income as the result of damage caused by a guest. What makes this unique from what AirBnb just launched, or other platform specific policies is that this covers you across ALL platforms, AirBnb, Homeaway, VRBO, Flipkey and even Craigslist!

Check out our site to learn more about this new product, Peers.org, we think you’ll love the peace of mind that it offers!


I’m sending a few people over to you since that’s one of the questions people are asking at evelynbadia.com

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