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Length of a listing description. How much is too much?

Hi everyone. Wу are in Moscow and have hosted since this June. So far so good, we have hosted 23 bookings already.
I try to constantly improve the description of our property and it looks like I covered all major topics. But now I feel that the description is tooo long.
I’ll be happy for your personal feedback about the description of my listing in general and if I need to cut something.
Thanks. Anton

My property: www.airbnb.com/rooms/841650

Hi, Anton. My opinion : you wrote a book :grinning:
Your listing is great, you do lots of extras. Your description is way too wordy
You upsell your room a bit too much, which is not a nessesity . You know the golden rule: dont continue selling after its sold.
The truth is no one reads it. If people see how long your description is, forget it, they won’t even try.
One good thing that I might do myself is how you pointed out about Instant book. People also send me enquires Instead of booking right away.
I would deffinitely cut it down by at least 70% but collect opinions from others.

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hi anton. great listing, great profile! as yana said far too wordy and you are redundant on many many things. i’d suggest you not reiterate amenities, things to do, or space issues that are addressed in the profile elsewhere. it’s hard enough to get guests to read the important things much less a whole book. that includes things already covered that you reiterate in your Q and A. also, let your reviews speak for themselves. tooting your own horn is offputting. one last thing, lgbt encompasses the gay community. no need for the gay or queer addendum. great job on your new business. maybe i’ll be able to come stay with you sometime :smile:

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Hi Anton,

The nice thing about your listing is that your friendly, hospitable personality shines through. However, it is wordy and redundant. For example, you mention breakfast at least four times in addition to the photo. You describe your shampoo twice. Most of the answers in the question and answer section are repeats of information that is in other sections. You might want to list a few of the highlights of your area in your listing and save the rest of the details for your guest book. I think the suggestions we are giving you are the result of cultural differences. Russian literature is not known for its brevity; it is certainly known for its quality.

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Peoples attention span is very brief , so make your description brief.However put lots of good photos; they will look at all of them if they are interested.

I’m a host myself and hosted over 100 group of guests3, and still counting.
Half way reading your description, I decided to scroll all the way down and it scrolls like Apple’s and Microsoft’s terms & condition, which I never bother to read.
I understand you would want to include everything and as much as possible in your listing because you can never have enough weird questions from guests, but your description is way too wordy like others had mentioned.
Mind you I’m using the app in my mobile and trust me, most of the guests won’t bother to read it if there were to book from the app.
Try to break it intro sentences. Use point forms. Eliminate repeats. Good luck. I would love to stay at your apartment too after reading some of the reviews I’ve read.

Thanks everyone for your replies.
With your help I’ve identified several issues with my description:

  • You are redundant on many things. Eliminate repeats
  • Not reiterate amenities, things to do, or space issues that are addressed in the profile elsewhere.
  • Most of the answers in the Q&A section are repeats of information that is in other sections.
  • Let your reviews speak for themselves. Tooting your own horn is offputting.
  • Move the rest of the details for your guest book.

I tried my best and eliminated around two thirds of text and restructured what was left. Hope it will help to better highlight my selling points.

Thanks so much, Yana, Stephanie, Ellen, Danny and diamond54!

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Well done! :smiley: as Ellen mentioned, Russians are well known for their elegant and expansive writing style. I bet that was somewhat painful for you lol. I’m pretty certain you’ll be happy with the result, however.

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