Length limit of Airbnb review by host for guest

This is a simple question. Can anyone tell me the length limit on an Airbnb review written by a host for a guest? I suppose there must be a character limit. Thanks.

The limit is 500 words.

Didn’t I answer this question several hours ago on the other thread? 500 words.

Thanks @EllenN and @anon67190644. I think we are all agreed it is 500 words.

I recently posted a lengthy review for a guest, for background, see

The reason that I asked this question was to figure out how much space I had available for the review.

I noticed something when posting that review, which struck me as a bit odd.

I used the ancient but reliable Unix utility wc, which still runs on modern Unix-like systems like Debian. This gives the newline, word, and byte counts for a file. So I used it to give me the word count for the review.

So wc was reporting a word count of 479, but when I pasted it into Airbnb’s review box, it said something like 130 words left (I wasn’t paying close attention). This seems like a rather large discrepancy. I can’t imagine that anyone here knows how Airbnb calculates the word count. But I also imagine it would be extremely difficult to find this out from Airbnb.