Legal Concerns - How to access attorneys before you need them

Hellow AirBnB’ers.

I am not currently sharing my home but I must admit the concept intrigue’s me. I recently became an Uber Driver to bring in some additional revenue. I see many similarities both in the entrepreneurial mindset of the providers and the concerns we have sharing something as intimate as our home or car.

Some of the legal questions I can see both camps sharing are -

What rights do I have with regards to the company?

What rights do I have with regards to state and
local government agencies?

What insurance issues could I have?

How am I at risk if someone is injured on my property?

What would happen if AirBnB or someone else sued me,
how could I afford to defend myself.

That does not include the questions that come up about
running a business. Yes for those of you
who are unaware, you are now in business.

I work with an organization that provides access to attorney’s
for families and small businesses without the high hourly costs (attorney’s cost
$250+ per hour).

For about the cost of one airport run (ok at least in my
area) I can show you how to get access to an attorney to –

Unlimited consultations with an attorney.

Review your contracts and give you advice from an attorney.

Write letters and make phone calls on your behalf.

Trial Defense – Yes they will represent you in a law

Traffic Tickets and Moving Violations – Yes they will help
you keep these dismissed (I avoided two this year with their help).

Will Preparation – They will prepare a Will for you.

IRS Audit Representation – They will represent you in case
of an IRS Audit.

It’s a great service, I use and yes I sell it. I think every entrepreneur should have access to attorney.

PM me or email me at for
more info.