Leaving reviews in bulk

I know I shouldn’t really do this … better to put a review in when it’s fresh in the mind but life gets in the way and I often find myself leaving reviews in bulk (which can get problematic as there are that many people I sometimes struggle to remember everyone)!

Anyway, pretty sure I’m not the only one who does this but the issue I find with the site is that there is no longer an easy link to the ‘leave a review’ page… am I missing something?? The ‘dashboard’ is hopeless (as is the app) as it doesn’t show everyone waiting to be reviewed. The link used to be under the ‘profile’ section but now I have to go through the help section - proper rigmarole! What used to be a 20 min job now taking over an hour with all the extra clicks / layers. Has anyone else noticed this (or am I just being really dense)?

No, I have it too, the notifications have just disappeared! Most annoying to have to look all over the place! But they do have a link to leave a review on each persons messages in the in box. I’ve just been using that, but sometimes the messages have gone down a fair few pages and I’ve had to search for them. I’d rather they don’t alter what didn’t need fixing!

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Sometimes on the app, the message thread from a certain guest disappears completely - so impossible to use that method! There have been occasions I’ve felt so bad because a guest has left me a great review but I completely missed the opportunity to review them for reasons such as this :-(!

I have a standard paragraph which I sometime amend, much like the welcome message I send a day or two before arrival. Would be nice to be able to set that as an auto feature.

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Absolutely, three different review-types we can ‘tweak’ - much like the ‘saved messages’.

Hi @Kittyp

Honestly you will save yourself a lot of stress if you just do them as you go along. How many guest reviews on average do you have a week.

I set myself up with reminders in my electronic diary.

I too have a couple of standard paragraphs that I adapt.

I find it takes me on average three minutes per review.

Even if you have 10 reviews a week - you could do them over two 15 minutes slots - half an hour a week. Surely you can manage that while you are in front of the TV?

In that way they would be fresh in your mind and less onerous.

I can still go to the Reviews page from the Profile section. Anyways, try if the below link works, and you can bookmark it if it does. And simply click it each time you’re in a reviewy mood!


I know, I know :joy:! I’m usually on top of it but sometimes I’m tied up with another project and it spirals out of control. I have 4 rooms I rent out, at atound 80/90 occupancy and mostly shorter stays. So that’s a lot of faces to remember…

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This is the page I mean (guests names crudely smudged out) -

There must be something wrong with my browser as to why the usual link has gone.

Thanks for the bookmark tip, silly me for not twigging that :nerd_face:!

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Aye, that’s the page my link is supposed to take you too.

Looking at what you’re showing there, it’s hard to believe you cannot get to that page from the Profile. Still, if that bookmark works, all’s well for now I guess :slight_smile:

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Aha, its on the ‘edit profile’ tab :point_up:️! I’m so used to doing everything on my phone nowadays whenever I log onto the desktop version of anything my mind is blown :blush:.

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Hehe, it’s like the story of that one-year-old who the first time she saw a paper magazine, swiped it top to bottom and was dismayed why it wasn’t ‘working’ !


Yes, I have noticed the same thing and I too have just been going through help to get there. You are saying it’s under edit profile? That makes no sense, but I’ll check that, thanks. If not I’ll try the bookmark method.

Yeah, you have to go PROFILE>EDIT PROFILE>REVIEWS. What a faff, think I’ll go with Helsi’s suggestion of doing them as the notifications come in from now on!