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Leaving a Bad Review for a Guest - Ugh!



Well, hopefully, I can now close the door on this case. “G” posted a negative review, as expected, but because of her slanderous comments, it has been taken done. No news about the request for a partial refund. Not sure how long they take to make a decision about whether or not to grant her one.


Good for you!
Quick question, did Air take down both of your reviews or just hers?
A dispute can be so time consuming and stressful until the resolution is completed but happy for you that it worked out.


Just hers… I posted my proposed review for her here on Airhost to make sure that mine would stand. Air didn’t say anything about removing mine and it is still there.


LOL… “G” is a school teacher… sad… really sad…


Was just curious as air sometimes says they have to take both of them down IF they chose to remove a review but clearly they have the option to keep one of them.
Had a friend who were told that she couldn’t keep her review if the guest’s review were to be removed.

Thanx for your reply.

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