Leave Review or Request Money First?

Guest had an unregistered guest sleep over

Not to worry because we charge 3x the normal day rate For each unregistered guest that sleeps over.

The guest is unaware that I know about this. They have left me a review already.

Question, is it best to review the guest, then request funds in the resolution centre? Or vise versa?

What’s the logic?

Since they already reviewed you, I don’t think it matters. I would first request funds through the resolution center. If they refuse to pay, then I would mention that in the review.


I believe the guest can edit the review for 48 hours unless you send the review.

So keep that in mind.


Actually it does matter if the guest has left the review within the last 48 hours they can edit theirs IF a host hasn’t left their review

@rexbanner leave the review first. Then put in a claim. (presumably you have visual evidence a person not on the booking staying)/.

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Just curious- how do you know that maybe 1 guest used 2 beds? When my husband gets a good snore going…. I move beds!


Common misconception. Guests can actually edit their review anytime up to 14 days. Or until the hosts sends their review or time expires.

It is also worth mentioning the following times limitations imposed by Airbnb.

You have 48hrs after the guest checks out to report ‘House Rule violations’.

Conversely, you have 14 days after the guest checks out to report ‘Damage’ and anything associated with Aircover.

@Helsi thanks

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That’s neither here, nor there.

We have a max occupancy, if the guest exceeds that e.g. By brings friends over, who happen to spend the night, then they get charged.

They could sleep on the bed, sofa or kitchen floor. It of no relevance to me.

Airbnb hosts, if you haven’t already, buy a quality CCTV system. It’s the best investment you’ll make.

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How do you know this?

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I stand corrected you used to have 48 hours from leaving a reviewing to edit it.

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Okay, then that has changed. But as I read that, it applies to hosts as well as guests. The first person to leave a review has until the other party also submits a review (up to 14 days, of course) to edit. Good to know.

When Airbnb uses the term “stay” it is to differentiate from an “experience” which some people host. It doesn’t mean it refers only to guests having until a host reviews to edit. I would hope.

I thought once you pressed SUBMIT, that’s it, the review is locked in. You can write your review and have it editable, without submitting it. Once you have written and submitted the review, I see no way to go back and edit it.

I don’t think so. Used to be you could submit a review, and as long as the other party hadn’t yet left one, you had 48 hrs to edit it. But I never had occasion to want to edit a review, so I don’t know the logistics of going back to edit.

I just did a review, and i can’t see any way to edit it, and the guest hasn’t written their review yet.