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Laundry Request



What are other people’s thoughts on this.

I had a guest arrive at 6pm tonight and leaving at 7.30am tomorrow on walking through the door asked to do some laundry. I think this is cheeky but felt uncomfortable saying that will cost you.

For someone staying a few nights I might not have a problem with someone asking.

What would others do and how much would you charge?

AirBNB is their an option to add a tick box for late check out fee like you do for cleaning fee and also for laundry for those who have it. So basically an add on box that you charge guests for.

In my mind that is £2-£3 off my already cheap rate.



I did charge my guests to do laundry at $3/load and provided them the soap. But know it’s much easier to just raise my rate to $3 more per night and not charge laundry and just make sure I make it known in my listing that’s it’s free to guests. Not everyone uses it but I still feel like I get paid

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I ask guests to limit their laundry to one load per day of their stay. I know another airbnb (a boarding-type house) asks guests to put a dollar in a jar for laundry, one dollar for each load and each drying cycle.


You know I may sound tight and usually if someone was staying I would not mind but after saying hello he then asked to use the machine and has left the kitchen a mess. He is due to leave at 7.30am when I leave for work yet he is still in bed. I will be late for work as I do not feel comfortable leaving him here like I have every other guest. I just feel he has been disrespectful and he is the only guest who has made me feel like this. I know that is lucky. If he said he wanted to leave at 9.30am I could have made advance arrangements.


Just charge £3 from now on for any washing required and put this in your listing, or if you have printed house etc for the bedroom. Just think, even if you allow guests that are staying a while to do washing - what if you say yes that’s fine then they do washing everyday. Don’t give anyone an inch - they will run a mile! £3 is fair.

That’s just rude and i would leave a bad review. Say exactly what you’ve put on here!


I will take my grumpy pants of after this post and move on but my last whinge I had more tidying and cleaning to do in the room when he stayed for little over 12 hours than other guests who stayed three weeks. He had spilled food on the hob he hadn’t bothered to clear up, when he was cooking I said there is the table to eat your food at in the kitchen he told me that he had eaten as he cooked. Yet I go up this evening when I got home from work to find he had taken his hot food into the bedroom and left his plate and cutlery up there. The room stinks of garlic and I have someone arriving in three hours and he has spilt stuff all over the chest of drawer top. He will not be staying again.Tonight I feel like I have been treated as a skivvy.

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bad bad guest… one who needs a bad review… exactly as you have stated it here.

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