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Laundry and detergent, do you provide for free?


Since I stasted hosting I have let guests use my washing machines completely free… I also provided detergent , bleach , fabric softener and dryer sheets. But to be honest all that supplies is really expensive 1 container of detergent is almost $25
Do you guys provide for free or do you charge them to use your machines. I was thinking on just charging them if they used my supplies. Let me know what you guys do


I do but people rarely do laundry here and frankly I seem to have a clientele that is unlike anyone else posting here. LOL. I think the compromise position is to make them pay something.


I don’t allow stays longer than 4 days, so no, I don’t let guests use my laundry.
Last week, a guest who was staying one night,arrived at approx 730pm, and at about 1030pm hit me up with 'I don’t remember in your listing, is there a washer/dryer?"
No. In my listing I specifically say “no laundry facilities” 3x.
That’s what I do.


I rent out a whole home that sleeps up to 6. Guests have full access to the washer/dryer to use as often as they like. I do not provide guests with laundry detergent, and I let guests know this in advance.


No laundry, period!!!


I have been hosting 5 and a bit weeks. 16 completed trips. No one has used it. It’s free to use.

I buy washing gel £4.50 for 45 washes and softener 80p for 40 washes. I’m the only one to use it. Lol


Our washer and dryer are coin-operated so the guests have to pay for that themselves. I keep a ton of quarters on hand so I can change dollar bills for them if needed.

I leave one sachet of Tide in the apartment that’s enough for one load. But if they want more, I’ll supply it free. I hardly ever get guests who do laundry though. Probably three this year?

Those who have used it have really appreciated it because in every case, the have been on roadtrips.


I rent a separate 2br apartment and I leave all cleaning products, including laundry liquid, for guests. I find it irritating when I am a guest myself to buy a full bottle of laundry just for one wash.

I don’t track the use of the washer , but after 30 stays (mostly families with kids) I believe the washer has only be used once. The bottle of laundry product looks untouched.

I am intrigued to know what laundry product you use for $25 ? Around here a bottle of the leading brand of detergent purchased in a pricey supermarket of the city center is 8€ for 28 loads, that’s 0,28€ per load… or 30 cents ! Even if you have a low nightly rate it is not unreasonable to provide it for your guests :slight_smile:


I allow laundry and let them use our soap. Hardly anyone, ever, uses it. I kinda wish my last guests had, lol - they had gotten stuck in a thunderstorm and got soaked - phew, that smelled…


I certainly, do since I rent out the whole place. Many guests buy their own soap, but they are free to use mine if they want. My guest are free to use anything. Spices, olive oil, antacids, pancake mix. Whatever. I do however have a chest freezer in the garage in which I put anything frozen and I leave the fridge pretty empty.


How very interesting that so many of you have guests who rarely do laundry.


We don’t host “long term” guests. We do tell people who stay more than a week that they can have one load of wash free. If anyone else wants laundry we charge $5 per load washed & dried, and they do the work.


We let our guests do laundry for free and we make a point of letting them know that they are welcome to use the washing machine and dryer. We are near LAX Airport so we get a lot of guests who are ending a trip to the U.S. I hate to travel with dirty laundry and I assume that others feel the same way. Some guests wash many loads; some guests wash none. It evens out. We provide laundry soap. We use unscented laundry soap and prefer that scented soap not be used in our washing machine. We don’t use bleach for laundry, but we have some on hand for cleaning. One guest has used it. We don’t use dryer sheets and don’t supply them. We compared our utility bills to before we were hosting and they haven’t gone up. What amuses me is the Europeans who won’t use the dryer because they are afraid their clothes will shrink. Pretty much the entire guest bedroom becomes a drying rack.


We have a budget place. Since our rate is very low we charge for the use of the washing machine and dryer. Very few do laundry.


We rent an entire place and have a washer dryer for guests to use if they wish.

Don’t leave soap etc and have no idea if guests use it.

When we travel, laundry facilities is a big selling point for us, we have small children and like traveling as light as possible.


I allow laundry use for guests staying more than 5 days. I provide soap and softener. Very few ask if they are not here for a week.


I provide detergent. I calculated that if i buy in a big container it costs me 7 cents per load. But… i have limit on laundry, not because of price of detergent but because of use of utilities: free laundry after 5 days of stay and 2 loads a week maximum. The reason for it was that i had few incidents when people rented me for a day and brought one month worth of laundry, and some guests just have this weird habit of doing laundry every sinlge day with just a couple pieces of clothes


We offer free laundry and our guest house comes with free detergent and fabric softener sheets. We have a laundry room in their and figure that its not that much more of an expense to include the detergent and softener. I don’t believe any guests have yet used it as we are only on our 6th group of guests, but I am happy to have it available for people because there have been times where I have traveled and spilled food/beverage on my clothing and had no way to wash it. Having the option is good IMO. If I were sharing my actual house I live in with guests, I would not allow laundry. There is nothing worse than needing to use your machine and finding other peoples clothes it in.


Don’t provide this as a option - mainly because there is no where for them to hang and dry there clothes and I dont want them using the drier


I couldn’t believe the question when I saw it. Do you also charge extra to sleep on your bed and use your TV? Lol
I would never stay with a host if I have to pay extra for use of the washing machine or detergent etc. And who would want to buy their own detergent when on holiday? Although, I remember using a washing machine only once in my 23 trips.
I provide everything: all kind of cleaning products, detergent, fabric softener, selection of spices, salt, two types of sugar, selection of 8 types of tea, coffee-including coffee machine with a choice of 10 coffees, Starbucks coffee with a French press and instant coffee, shampoo, shower gel, soaps, hair dryer and even hair straightener :slight_smile: and lots more.

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