Launder mattress protector after each guest

How often do you launder your mattress and pillow protectors? I’ve been doing it after every guest but was wondering what others do and why?

Pillow protectors every time - dribble, snot etc.

The mattress protectors are washed almost every time but if I’m in a crazy hurry, I might leave them until next time unless I can see that it has been marked in some way.

It depends too how long the stay has been. I only skip the mattress protector if the stay has been one or two nights (and usually a solo guest). Any longer and it’s going to get washed no matter how much of a hurry I’m in.

Our two apartments both have the same size beds so I have adequate spares of everything on hand.

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I do almost exactly the same as @jaquo. Pillow protectors always, mattress protectors if obviously dirty or after longer stays. Always have at least two (preferably 3) changes of everything for each bed…


After each stay but usually stays are five days and I block two days between stays so that I can clean and wash everything. Most of the time it’s families and little ones may have accidents or spills in the bed.

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I was doing it after every stay for awhile due to covid. Now that it seems that transmission is less likely to be on surfaces I’m not doing it as often. I have have extra pillow protectors and two mattress pads for the airbnb room so I can remove and put in laundry room and put the alternates on.

Since Covid, I’ve been changing pillow protectors and mattress pad between each guest. I’ve purchased duplicate / triplicates to make things easier.

It adds about 15 minutes to the turnover but with the buffer day it’s less of an issue.

I’m do exactly the same as KenH and also have spares of everything.

We do all linens every stay. The protectors get done as a whites load with bleach.

Every 15-20 days rather they need it or not! :rofl:

Just kidding of course…


Always launder them everytime, no matter the booking duration. I have 3 packs to make sure I always have a clean one ready.

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