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Laugh at Silly (sometimes scary) Guests

Ok, I just had to share this. I have two battery operated candles in my cabin which are nice and safe for guest use. Great idea right? Well, not if your guest tries to light it with a match! Yep! Scary part is…they were physicians.

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Doctors and PhDs have been some of my most ding batty guests!!!


I’m a professor so I am qualified to say… many MDs and PhDs are book smart but kind of naive and sheltered! My worst guest, also my first guest, was a professor and tried to use my oil space heater to reheat food.


Xena, I hope I didn’t insult you! The truth is, my son is going to become one of you in about five years. He’s crazy smart with a photographic memory and on-the-spot analysis of complex subjects from history to politics to biology. Encyclopedic knowledge. Well he still doesn’t tie his shoes very well, he always has that “rumpled look,” he needs me to make his coffee and dinner and he leaves the doors to our house open constantly, and on and on. He’s absent minded as heck and I often see him staring off into space. He wants to be a professor, that is his goal. He’s going to fit right in! :smile:

PS. If I may brag, he just received word he got a prestigious scholarship from the Japanese government to study abroad in Kyoto this fall. It pays $1200 a month and his airfare. You can’t even apply unless you are an a advanced speaker of Japanese, are a Japanese studies major and have passed rigorous language tests and interviews. This is scholarship will essentially pay for his fifth undergrad year and his second bachelor’s degree! Mum is proud as punch!


Hahah, I am not insulted. I think the stereotype of the absent minded professor can be true. I know since I am in academia! I’m kind of the odd duck that I’m not that book-learned but have pretty good people skills and handy skills (like I fix stuff that breaks in my office instead of calling for help).

Congratulations on your son, @konacoconutz. Yes, academics are often not very practical people.

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@woodwindcabin, yes the smartest people are sometimes shockingly obtuse. One of my guests, a physician who will be coming from another country, insisted that I was charging her more than I had quoted her a week before. When I compared the numbers, I noticed that I was charging her LESS (by $200) yet she insisted it was higher than the previously quoted price. So I increased my price by $200 and she was happy :wink:

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