Late checkout charge?

How late is reasonable for late checkout before you charge? Thanks!

We don’t charge for late check-out. The guests who left last night left at 8pm which we agreed to in advance.

Well, if you realize that late late check out means you won’t be able to sell the room that same night why not charge a full night’s rent?

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This. When I am asked about early check-in or late checkout I tell them that check-in/checkout times are specified on the listing before they book and that as it would prevent me from renting the previous/following night, I would have to charge them the price for that night.

Suddenly most guests find other ways to plan for their day :wink:, but a few guests took up the offer.


I recently went through this exercise when a group asked about both a late check-out and an early check-in. If possible I will usually try to accommodate these requests, if possible and if reasonable. So I asked what they had in mind - I normally have a 4pm check-in and 11am check-out. They wanted an 11am check-in and 4pm check-out.

But the reason was that they had kids with them, and apparently they were excited to get there and could get the kids up, pack the car and drive 2.5 hours to be there for 11am… but because they had kids with them and takes so long to pack things up they needed until 4pm to check out. Hmmmmm??? Really?

I’ll skip the details, but what I ended up doing was telling them that we could accommodate a 1pm check-in and noon check-out without charge. If they wanted more time than that it would be chargeable by the hour. I worked out an hourly rate that I thought was fair for them and for us.

It is a benefit to them to have the option of staying longer and not having to pay for another whole night if they don’t need it, only if I’m able to do so, of course. I feel quite good about this new additional option for guests and possibly a little extra income for me.

It turns out that, at noon on departure day, they contacted me to say that they were doing an activity for the morning and couldn’t get back in time to check out by noon. They asked for another extension. I told them that I’d give them until 1pm at no charge.

Our security cam didn’t show anyone returning back to the house, but did show them leaving at 1:15pm. I wasn’t too happy about that. Normally I wouldn’t care that much, but this was one of those groups that was VERY high-maintenance so even the extra 15 minutes was a “fly in the ointment”.

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contact ABB and tell them they did not depart as agreed, and invoice them an extra night.

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My standard response fyi:

Re: Request for early arrival and / or late departure
Arrival time 4PM - Departure time 10AM

A deviation request can not be confirmed at this time, due to -

  1. Cleaning schedule. The staff cleans 5 houses in the area. Staff must have a fair work schedule with days off. Cleaning may be pre-scheduled on your arrival day or departure day, depending upon rotation. Staff does also clean on Sundays, when scheduled.
  2. Maintenance and Repairs. Time in-between guests is used for major and minor house upkeep. Large updates are planned, but there can also be an unexpected repair.
  3. Reservations. It takes all day to properly clean and prepare the property. Out of courtesy to the next guests, the cleaning time allotted is used for prep, and also allows us to continue to accept last minute bookings.
  • You can text or callxxxxxx 8xx-xxx-xxxx two days prior to your arrival for a confirmation of a deviation.
    xxxxxx handles all arrivals and departures.
    At that time, xxxxxx can let you know what might be possible.
    He can also text you when the house is ready for you…

Thank you.
Kind Regards –