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Late Check Out - Guest

My checkout time is 11am and yet it is midday and my guest stayed at his girlfriend’s last night and is still not back All his stuff is in the room and I need to prepare it for my next guest and wash, dry and iron the bedding. He is not answering his phone or responding to my messages. What would you do in this situation?

Do you have a late check out fee and how do you ensure that you are paid this if a guest checks out late?

I would message him via the Airbnb system.

‘As you know, checkout was at eleven. Normally I don’t go into guests’ rooms during their stay but because it is after checkout you are no longer entitled to your room. I will be going into the room in half an hour to prepare it for the next guest. I will remove your luggage if necessary. Please collect it as soon as possible’.

Be nicer if you wish! Or not :slight_smile:


Yes, send an email reminding him that checkout was 11 and state you are going to commence cleaning (you do after all have a guest checking in who may not be happy if you are not ready when he/she/they arrive). Give him 30 minutes to claim his belongings, then pack them and store them. But do commence cleaning.

I would add a late checkout fee procedure/policy to your policies for future guests. How to ensure you are paid? hmmm, When he shows up, discuss the problem, have him respond to your airbnb email acknowledging the fee, and then I guess you have to use the resolution center - or have him give you cash?

I recall that Air has a policy on overstaying: double the cost of one night’s stay.

That’s a piss take! I’d be furious!

Hey Xena do you remember where you saw that? Reckon it would be very useful for all of us.

Somewhere on Air’s policies. I’ll take a look.

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