Late check in....Midnight

I changed it to a keypad but my listing still says self check in…don’t know how to access that or edit

JJD said Keypad will show as self-check-in. She said to choose “Other” and then describe the check-in parameters.

BTW, I suspect this particular guest would have been similarly disgruntled whether you listed self-check-in or not. His attitude that you “need” to change your policies to accommodate a midnight check-in tells me you would have gotten the same attitude regardless. It’s all about his needs being accommodated- his mini lecture on fatigue, “we need somewhere to stay”, “there’s nothing else available”.

Did you see my post just above yours? I explained it in detail but if it’s not clear don’t hesitate to let me know. Airbnb is admittedly not-clear about it in the best place, i.e. at the setting, but the link will explain.

It isn’t determined in the amenities list settings. It is automatically listed as an amenity depending on the choice made in the check-in instructions setting.

I sometimes receive angry messages from guests I decline at the inquiry stage as they ask about something I don’t provide, like a free night in the form of a 9 AM check in or daily housekeeping. Once they write back something angry like that I block them.

I’m on IB, and if someone like this guest books, then I’d cancel them, citing not I’m not comfortable hosting due to the confrontational approach.

Let us know if Airbnb reaches out to you. It would be good to know.


Maybe this comment doesn’t fit here but I’d like to say as a guest that the digital locks are far superior to a key. I even had a host last year who wanted the key returned to the combo lock box that was hard to operate, especially on her dark patio, when we left, even if we were coming back. But even the people who give you a key for your stay often have multiple steps. Another recent stay I had to stop at the front mailbox to get the key and printed instructions. Then go to the back and park and enter a code for a gate. Then go in and use the key. I’d stay at all of them again for a variety of reasons but I wish they all had key codes they could send me.


I agree but haven’t made the switch with original doors from the 1800s. Even the little keypad lockbox looks a little out of place next to them. Miraculously in over a decade only only one guest forgot to leave a key. She realized it an let us know right away.

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How do I block? I know how to block on facebook but not airbnb?

JJD i did see your post but i still see that i am self check in with a keypad now.

Click on the flag next to the message from the guest and then click they are being offensive. It will give you an option to block the guest in the end.

Do you have a Facebook or WhatsApp group of hosts in your area? The guest has provided vital info that no other places are available. If I find such info, I broadcasts it to other hosts to raise their rates. I’m sure some of them wouldn’t mind a midnight check-in. I wouldn’t mind hosting this guest if I could get a get a good price out of them.

I know everyone’s setup is different, but I am curious about the worry that you’d be woken up by their arrival. Is there also a problem if they go out for the evening and get in late?

Our place is near the airport and we often have guests arriving in the wee hours. It’s an important part of our service


I had to crawl around on a porch in New Orleans late one night looking for a key “under the wicker chair on the left.” I went to the wrong left first.


I use regular keys at my homeshare. There aren’t any difficult instructions and as I meet all guests on arrival, they don’t have to retreive it from anywhere, nor leave it somewhere when they check-out- they hand it to me, or leave it in the room.

And as I know some people hate having to keep track of keys, I also tell them if they are like that, they can just hide the key outside somewhere, or just use the “emergency keys” I keep stashed behind a plant on the terraza.

Airbnb did assist me but not with changing anything that i had not already done ,which it still says self check in with keypad. Fella suggested that I inform every guest that the latest that they can check in is 10 or 11 or whatever time and put it in the “info for guests,” even though it does have parameters for check in and check out already. I leave a key in the suite for those that prefer a key as well. I just think that there are the very occasional pain in the ass guests…I do think that on the whole all of the guests have been pretty good. It is a learning curve for me that is for sure. I’m learning and if in the process i upset a few, I am too old too lose too much sleep over it. Thanks for the support here.

I’m just not that clever JJD, never would i be that sly nor would i ever think of that.


When I posted something about how I have my guest check in by 11 pm unless pre-approved and offer self-check in, I got a lot of push back from this group.

So I did some research. I was unable to find anything on the airbnb site that said self-check means any time they want after the check in start time.

I clearly post that check in needs to be by 11 pm. And when the guests book I also tell them I need a time before 11.

If you can find where on the Airbnb suite says that self-check in over-rules your check in times and that they can check in any time, then please show me. I looked and googled and couldn’t find it.

Thanks RebeccaF, I spoke directly to airbnb and it seems there is no other option than post your checkin cut off time and telling each and every guest as well what your cut off time is. It doesn’t happen often,most guests dont travel that late but there are those that do.

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I also agree with the guest. You do not have self check in, as far as I can tell, because you have to be there and be awake for guest to check in. Unless I am missing something here?


Airbnb told me to put keypad which I did but also says self check in, it was their representative that told me to do this when he called me the other day. Along with this he told re to remind guest of check in cut off. Not my rules, I got it from the source.

Airbnb reps give out erroneous and bad advice all the time. As this one did. Half of them don’t know Airbnb policies, or how hosts should set things to achieve what they want. You didn’t get it from “source”, you got it from a clueless outsourced rep.
If I were you, I would uncheck keypad, so “Self-check-in” does not appear at the top of your listing nor in your amenities. Then just describe the check-in parameters in the listing info and in messages to guests.

This. My suite doesn’t have a separate entrance, but I’d get up at midnight for these people. Her message wasn’t fabulous, but clearly you’re somewhere remote and in between where she could sleep.

It’s the hospitality “heads in beds” business. Midnight is an easy one. I’ve stayed up until 2am for guests whose flights were delayed and they’ve been beyond grateful.

I would have taken the booking. It’s my job.