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Late arrival (urgently)

Dear hosts, may be you can help me with an advice. I am an “old” host here, but I have never such situation as today. One man from Argentina have ooked my flat. He had 6 positive rewies and I even could not imagine that he has know nothing about rules, check-in time and so on. He have written yesterday that he will arrive at 18.00. I was in the house at this time and waiting him.He didn’t come at 18.00. at 19.00, and at 19.30 I send him several mesasages that I couldn’t wait more as I have a small child and should take her from the child’s center. But nothing. I have check-in time from 14.00 to 21.00. So as I have no other variants, I should leave the keys in the flat of my neighbour and go away. At 20.00 he have called me and told me that he will be at 21.30-22.00. I have told him that it is not a hotel. Ususally people come at fixed time and if not, they worn me. And also last possible check-in time is 21.00. And he told me that as he paid, he can check-in when he want to do it. So now it is 21.00 here, so what should I do? It is real disturbance for my friend as she also have a very small child. So should I let him to check-in?

I wish I knew what you should do. I would contact Airbnb for their help on this.

Uff, I do not see where can I ask them about it. I can just request or return money…

You can use Twitter to send a private message to @AirbnbHelp

you need to call Airbnb. these things happen; sounds like he’s going to need a hotel tonight!

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I see that this post originated yesterday. What ended up happening?

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Is there any reason not to give the guest your home address and have him collect the keys from you there?

Yes if they violate your house rules you can cancel immediately without penalty is what Airbnb states in the instant book rule book. If you did not have a house rule on check in then it might be time to address it.

On our listing we tell people in the booking instructions that we no longer accept guests after sunset. Mainly because we are a rural area on an Indian reservation which does not have street addresses. Even though this is not our fault and eve when we spent hours upon hours setting alarms.

Waking up. Waiting on the road for guests we would always get reviews like we couldn’t find the place or it was difficult to find without ever mentioning anything about us sitting on the side of the road for hours in the dark. And meeting them. Wherever they ended up.

We had some guests who would structure the time late and ask for keys and then not show up being in another city saying that they could not find the place or keys to let themselves in. So while leaving the keys somewhere is an option it’s a tenuous one. So we stopped doing it all together. And guess what.

They still insist - after it being in the house rules no check in time after sunset - they text us we won’t be there till midnight or something.

If they communicate and are polite we try and still accommodate them with real emphasis on how difficult it is to find things in remote areas after dark when there are no street lights and is very disorienting for people who are not used to rural areas.

I’d say some work out but just as many don’t.

But in the last 24 hours during the reservation itself if your policy is strict you should be refunded. But I’ve had Airbnb issue refunds without even contacting me on cancellations which was annoying because I know for a fact what happened has a host side of the story that was not considered. But you really should contact Airbnb and make sure they take notes.

Yeah, I don’t think so.

If my guests don’t check in when they say they’re going to then I contact them to check and see what their new time of arrival is. If they don’t get back to me that I go on with my evening and if I have to leave the house then I message them and let them know that I’m leaving the house and I’ll be back at such-and-such time. When someone acts negligently like that guest they put themselves at risk for inconvenience by inconveniencing others.

So in your situation, I’d have just gone ahead and done what I needed, locked my door while I was gone. Let the guest know what’s up and they can deal. This isn’t a hotel and there isn’t staff left and right to handle this stuff.

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