Last minute cancellation apparently 'by mistake' and they want to pay when they get here

So I got a cancellation tonight for Sunday’s two-night booking. I get a portion of the cost because it’s within the moderate cancellation policy and honestly, I’m fine with that. I’m pretty full, have had crappy guests recently and would welcome the break. Then I get an urgent email from said guest saying they cancelled by mistake and they still want to come but pay when they get here.
Right. I emailed back saying not possible and to contact Air to rectify situation. Nothing back since then, So I called Air and got through to the usual heeeyyy, how can I help you as I lean back on my bean bag after smoking a spliff and admiring the grass growing up the walls after my awesome lunch of kale and lime. He was eventually able to tell me that the guest had not contacted them. So basically now I have someone who is going to show up on my doorstep on Sunday because she has my address. It will be cold and probably snowing and she will be standing there shivering saying I so sorry. I’ll sort it out and she will pay what is due. But this is a bit crap!

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Do you really think she/they will show up after your last message?

But if she does, hey…just take her money with a smile.


Yes, she will. She just re-booked under another name! This is a first for me, I think. They lost money by cancelling and now are spending more by booking again. I’m too tired to work it all out now but will update if anyone is interested. The whole last-minute cancellation when they already have your address got me thinking.

Hmmm jI wonder how you cancel by mistake??

This is the most bizarre guest thing I have read all week. it’s really them booking under another name??? I mean? They can’t book under their own name after accidentally cancelling? Who does that? Cancel accidentally??,!!

@Magwitch can you use one of your IB freebies to cancel? This sounds so bizarre

Hi @Magwitch

That sure is a strange one. Are you sure it’s not just a co-incidence and someone else has booked?

If it is her - I wonder if she will ask you to refund her for the first booking when she arrives.

Sorry to hear you have had a run of bad guests…

Do keep us updated on this one :slight_smile:

OK, so the second booking is definitely the same person and she keeps apologising for the mistake! I’ve issued her a refund for the first booking although she will lose the fees, of course. Looks like it will all be fine although she seems to think she’s staying 3 nights instead of the two she booked lol.
If she’d called Airbnb like I told her, they could probably have reversed the mistaken cancellation and she wouldn’t have lost out.

I’m going to keep a close eye on this one! Thinking what else she might “accidentally” do, like flood the bathroom, set fire to the kitchen, lock herself out, hair dye all over the towels etc etc !!


I would have cancelled.

You are much braver than I am, and I hope this all turns out well. I cannot wait for an update!

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So she thinks she is staying a extra night?
Using a fake name to book second time on a secondary account?
you have had to deal with a refund or something of the sorts on the first booking.
And you still agree to deal with her for two nights. Woof that’s a lot on the plate. Good luck with this one.

LOL it’s not bravery! I need the money and can handle pretty much anything (touch wood). I think it was her friend who booked the second time. They arrived today and are fine. Looong showers, sigh, but apart from that they’re very sweet. It seems that they are genuinely just tourists who messed up. Or, with my cynical hat on, they are guests that thought they could pull a fast one after reading some blog or other. They failed badly, if so.
Conclusion: don’t automatically think the worst… !

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