Las Vegas release and regs

Copied from Facebook
Went to the City of Las Vegas short-term rental workshop. Vegas is certainly making it as difficult as possible to do Airbnb.
Some communities it is outright banned.
If it is allowed in your zip code you have to make sure someone else doesn’t have one closer then 600 feet to yours. Otherwise you have to apply for a waiver.
It must be owner occupied and be no more than 3 bedroom/2 bath otherwise you have to apply for a Special Use Permit($1000).
Annual short-term rental license is $500.
If you have to get a SUP because you have 4 bedrooms then an code enforcer has to come out and they will inspect everything so if you installed a water softener without a permit you have to get permits for ALL work that was done that required a permit.
No ADU’s, casitas etc can be used as short-term rentals.
You must also pay room taxes.
You have obtain liability insurance for a minimum of $500,000.
You must display on the front of your property the short-term rental place card whenever you have renter with a phone number that you can be reached at 24/7.
Your renter cannot listen to a radio in the backyard above some many decimals.
You must go through a hearing with the planning commission in order to get your SUP license.
You must also obtain a Nevada Business license which is a minimum expense of $200.
Oh and they told us there are talks of requiring Host to employee a security service company if the city complaints continue to go up and they aren’t able to get ahold of the owner.
Also if you are caught hosting without a license the penalty can be up to $500/per day for everyday you are not in compliance.
You renter must be able to park in your driveway, garage, or carport. They cannot park on the street, especially if this will take away parking from your neighbors.

Lastly you cannot do short-term rental in a property you do not own without express written approval from the owner.

It looks like if we can get the container home we want to put in our backyard approved we won’t be doing short-term rentals instead we will focus on long-term 31 days are more. :frowning:

Where do they get these ‘rules’ from?

Our primary rental has another STR right next door. By which I mean the apartment next door and they share a wall. It also has one right below - they share a floor/ceiling.

The building to the south of us, right next door within a few yards, has several Airbnb rentals. The building to the north, the other side, has many.

These seem contradictory. If it has to be owner occupied, then it should be easy to get a hold of you by knocking on the door. No doubt the hotel industry in Vegas is putting on the pressure as well and these regulations aren’t just from complaints.

Sow the wind, reap the whirlwind.

AirBNB’s metastatic approach to irresponsible growth led to the zip code restriction.

The investors cannibalizing the hotel market, the homesharer market and each other, leads to the owner-occupied requirement.

The condo owners letting in strangers and illegal subletters led to that crackdown.

Air’s cosmically useless host guarantee led to insurance requirement.

And on and on.

As someone else pointed out, I think @KKC or @jaquo, (trying to give credit but can’t recall), Air had at least some options to head off these problems with controlling the hosting application, or the approval of uploading listings, which remains a complete free-for-all even in areas that have now banned Air.