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Large 1 bedroom apartment - how many beds


I have a large one bedroom that I plan to use for Airbnb. Setup is a small kitchen and living room with table, couch and tv etc. Then a large bedroom. I can fit two queen beds in there like a hotel, but am not sure if that would be good or not. I don’t find sofa beds very comfortable and want to offer bedding for 4 guests. What should I do.


Who are you aiming at - a family may have no issues sleeping in the same bedroom, but 2 couples travelling together may not like it


I was trying to maximize beds but agree that it is only beneficial for a family. Should I just make it a really nice bedroom with a king and put a pull out in living room? I just worry that pull outs are never comfortable.


I’ve stayed in hotels over Airbnbs because I didn’t want to share a bed with a friend if I didn’t have to. But I don’t know how big the “2 friends or family members who don’t prefer to share a bed” market is.


is there any way to divide this large room into two?


I would look for quality pull out beds, and store a nice thick mattress pad underneath the king bed for when the sofa bed needs to be extra comfortable.

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