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Laptop Writing Table



I am considering getting a table for people to work at in their rooms. How important do you think this is and what sort of table would you get. The rest of my furniture is oak but I wonder if I get a natural wooden table whether before long there will be mug marks and the like which will make me a little cheesed off.

Thoughts please? What sort of table would you get?



When we travel, the first thing my partner does when we get set in our room is set up his laptop – so this showed me that some guests really do want that work surface. So I have a table or desk in each of my three rooms. Guests do use their laptops a lot. Some are even here on business so a laptop work space is more important to them.

The desk is a laminate surface and wipes clean with a damp cloth. The two tables are older pieces so I have a desk blotter on one and a quilted fabric place mat on the other. These coverings do not seem to interfere with the guest’s use of the table and the do protect the surface (and give the guests the idea that the surface does need to be protected). I also put a stack of coasters in in each room so that the guests will have something upon which to set their glasses, cups, water bottles, etc.

Happy Hosting – Lia

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