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Laptop friendly workspace

Hi, I was delaying the purchase of a desk to convert my listing into business ready. I manage a studio for up to two people and I already have all the other requirements. Checking other listings I noticed that some of them use the dining table as a desk. They shared this table for eating and for placing the guest notebook.

According to airbnb policy it doesn’t mention that the table or desk should be exclusive:

Laptop friendly workspace ’ and defines it as ‘ A desk or a table with space for a laptop and a chair that is comfortable to work in ’

I appreciate your feedback.

Personally, I would prefer a dedicated work space. If there were other guests and they were eating, I would be concerned about spills/crumbs on my laptop. Also, if one guest needs to concentrate on work and other guests want to eat and talk it would be beneficial to all to have separate spaces for eating and working.

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You are correct. Air only specifies that it be a workspace, a “desk or a table with space for a laptop…” It’s clear as day but leaves some room for interpretation (countertop, tray table, etc.).

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I would expect an electrical outlet at the laptop area.


I don’t think you absolutely have to have a dedicated table/desk, but I would really recommend it (even a drop-down shelf) particularly if your table is small. If two people are staying in a listing and one person wants to spread their laptop, mouse, pen, papers etc and the other person wants to put supper on the dining table, it can lead to vacation friction …

Not that I’m speaking from experience or anything …

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You also will have to offer 24 hour check in

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