Language dependent Automated Messages?

The reservations are rolling in, and I’ve started thinking about automated messaging because it’s very often the exact same thing I send to guests. Specific for our situation is that we message people in English or Spanish, sometimes even Portuguese, Dutch or other languages. It mainly depends on the first message the guest sends us.

My question? Does anyone here know of an automated messaging service that takes multiple languages into account? Any experience?

I was just having a look at the free Superhost Tools, I put in a trial message to see how it works. I was kind of hoping that it would give me the chance to review any prepared message before it actually being send out. But apparently it doesn’t have this option, and the message was already sent to one of our confirmed guests :frowning: .

Frankly I do not trust any automated translation service; I’ve seen all too many really bad (embarrassing, vulgar, etc.) translations. My suggestion is to find local humans you trust, to translate your messages into whatever languages (university language departments can be a big help – students always need a couple bucks). Just store them on you computer and use the appropriate one as necessary.

You misunderstood, I don’t need any automatic translation service, we will do that ourselves. I want automatic messages: If the system recognizes Spanish in the guest’s message our Spanish message should be send. If the guests sends English, an English message should be send.

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Hey @GutHend,

Especially in Europe, guests can speak various languages. Therefore if you are looking for an automated messaging service, it should detect the language of your guest and send the related language template for that guest.

Your Porter App does exactly what you are looking for. You create your templates in various languages, and if a guest writes to you in one of those languages, they will receive a message in the correct language.

In the last few months, admins allow only certain products to be mentioned here. I’m writing this post since you have asked directly for a tool. I hope this post stay long enough for you to check Your Porter App and give it a try.

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Blatant promotion is definitely discouraged. But if someone has a product that genuinely solves a problem that a valued member of the forum has raised then we’re happy to see it here :slight_smile:

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