Landlord from hell!

Thanks all don’t need ppl to feel bad or sorry. I’m simply typing out a situation just like the rest of you do, no it has nothing to do with my guests but it was a story in connection to my listing that I happen to live in. Your advice was needed. My lease does not say I can not use my home to host. But I only came across this possible illegal housing issue yesterday. I’ve been living here for four going on five years and hosting for one year.

I think you are in the wrong place. This is a forum for hosts on Airbnb.

I am an Airbnb host :roll_eyes:

You may be a host - but what has your post got to do with hosting? All I could see was a rant against your landlord :slight_smile:

Surely there are NY tenant forums better suited to your purpose?

I’m not quite understanding this, I’m afraid. Elaine’s lease has expired and she’s been hosting Airbnb guests in an illegal building where the landlord obviously disapproves of STRs. So I don’t quite see the reason for the post?

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Well if the OP expects sympathy from us because her landlord busted her for doing Airbnb, (probably she has violated the terms of her lease and was caught subletting, then is getting evicted? But thinks a court will rule in her favor and give her damages for discrimination and wear and tear? Is that how I am reading this?) then, yes, I will say it again… she is in the wrong place. :laughing:

She sounds like a peach of a tenant.


So maybe this is your chance to try tiny house big living because it sounds like you’re going to be moving out of that apartment.

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She made it clear from previous posts that she is looking to live rent free. Her words, not mine. She is consistent if nothing else.


I think she’s trolling, trying to get a rise out of us. Unless she’s got permission from her landlord to sublet her apartment, she doesn’t have a leg to stand on because she’s violated the terms of her lease.


I simply don’t understand the problem you are having…
Does your landlord want you out of the apartment for hosting? Does he want you to stop hosting?
I would say: Contact a lawyer to see if according to your contract, the law in your country (state, city, district,…) and the rules of your condominium you should be allowed to host, yes or no. Take the discussion with your landlord from there.

To all others jumping on you:

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To clarify, the original post has been edited significantly from the one we responded to.


Just for reference Elaine as completely rewritten her original post.


Yes she has. Those of us who were responding were doing so to a completely different message.

It may not. Because this isn’t a standard clause in leases/rental agreements. However ,99% of leases have a clause that disallows sub-letting - which is what hosting is.

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To see the original post, which sounded a bit kooky, click on the orange pencil.
I think she is now being vague about whether her landlord lets her do Air.

I wonder if she is taking this lease literally. Most leases say no subletting allowed. But I’m guessing she thinks it’s allowed if it doesn’t specifically say NO airbnb hosting. :laughing:

Let’s be honest. Airbnb is a dodgey proposition for people who rent. The reason is this. As a renter you basically have no control of your living situation. If you are on a month to month lease, you are 45 days from being out on your ear. This observation comes from experience. I was a renter with twin babies and was soooo alarmed at how quickly my whole living situation changed. I had 30 days to pack up, find a new place and move. That was so scary and eye opening that I began to save and put every extra penny I could toward buying a place. (On my own, my ex husband did nothing toward this goal) This was so That my boys and I would never ever be in renters hell and in an unstable living situation again.


Thanks for the tip, but is it possible that this only works for moderators? Doesn’t seem to be showing anything.

No… anyone should be able to read how the post was edited??

Nope. I see the pencil, don’t see the original post.

Here it is. She apparently called code enforcement on her landlord too. Nice!


We were suppose to sign a new lease with my landlord. I simply asked him to fix all water damages with our walls, repaint and since moving in we still never got new appliances, which is very much needed. For two weeks this guy hassled and haggled us about our animals which he has a pet deposit for and about our guests who have never done anything. He told me to chose between my guests or my animals! Ha yea right! Lease has ended and still he hasn’t let up. Our wonderful neighbor who happens to white asked him for new appliances and got everything she wanted including her walls fixed. I called 311 and the inspector is coming today! Also started a civil case against him for retaliation and racism. Come to find out my building doesn’t even have a certificate of occupancy on which this is an illegal building evil grin. He told me on April 3rd that I need to be out by April 30th. On Monday I’ll be talking to a lawyer about this illegal housing business to see if I can get the last six month of rent back and if I can get six months of rent for having to move out so fast. Safe to say this landlord will be paying out his ass in lawyer fees, violation fees for not having the building up to code,occupancy certificate and paying me back when all I asked for was for a few cracks to get fixed and new appliances.


Interesting. I swear before I was moderator I could see edited posts. @konacoconutz does it have to do with one of the “trust levels?”

No idea. Before I was a mod, I could see the pencil edits too…
no idea abut what badges or trust levels do either. Just know that when I read the FAQs I received a BADGE! :laughing:

Reminds me of the star stickers I put on the kinder homework folders. :smiley: