Landlord does not allow hosting anymore

Dear AirBnB host-community,

the title already tells you the problem that I’ve got. I live in Cologne, Germany and beeing host via AirBnB made my flat payable while having exams. I had the arrangement with my landlord, that everytime I let someone live in my flat, I’ll call her and tell her about that person(s). At first it was no problem, but now she seems to feel unfairly treated. Everytime I called her, she cried around and finally she asked me for an even higher amount of rent - which is definately (!) not possible for me as a student. I explained her, that I need the money and that I’ll probably have move out of the flat without AirBnB, but she doesn’t care. Usually she is friendly, but from the moment on where she asked me for more money, I’m not sure if her “friendship” was just played…

Do you have any ideas, what I could do to persuade her? Or shall I move out, find another place to live?

Thank you in advance!


Sound to me that you found a greedy Landlord…

Probably in your rental agreement you do not have the possibility to sub rent you place therefore he can behave in such way.

If I were you I would have a plain and open discussion with him/her about the situation. At the same time I would look around searching for a place that allow sub rent.

The outcome of the discussion and the one of the search will probably define my next move

Talk to you soon,

What about you negociate for a higher rent but the freedom to do how you want with air bnb and other platforms?

landlords only care about their returns, there is no friendship between landlord and tenant!
agree you should find another place that allow sub rent.

First, sorry about your experience. And if you read here often you will know we come down hard on tenants who rent out their spaces. However, I must give you kudos for being open and honest with your landlord, as many who rent do not. Also it’s commendable that you honestly called her every time there was a new guest as she asked. That’s commendable, and so you did this the right way. You have nothing to be ashamed of.

Sounds to me like she may be thinking of renting out the flat herself on Airbnb! Maybe she thinks you got q windfall and wants all the money for herself

Can you check with the university to see if there are apartments you can share?

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I am surprised that you even found a landlord to begin with that lets your have people over and be paid for it. I would never agree to this arrangement if i was your landlord. You are making money on using her property. Of course she wants to raise the rent. ANd why not, you profit from her property.

Find an appartement with a roommate, that would be more appropriate .

The crying is a red flag to me. She is either emotionally unstable or manipulating you or both.

Are you familiar with tenants rights in your city? It is unlikely she can just raise the rent on a whim if you have a lease. There many be a tenants advocacy group in your city that can assist; most large cities in the developed world have them.

I didn’t take that as being literally true but a word choice because the poster’s first language is German. Maybe the OP will clarify.

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From the landlord’s perspective, Airbnb by tenants represent various risks and also missed revenue. It would be easier for her if you proposed a sharing of the profits

Ah, you may be right. I can be very literal, especially online. I hope the OP returns!

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The landlord insurance probably doesn’t cover airbnb. The landlord probably would have to pay a higher premium.

Hej, yes K9KarmaCasa you’re right - it’s how I thought to describe her reaction best in a literally German translation. Sry for that confusion

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Thank you all for you replys! It seems that there are two partys in here - the ones who cannot comprehend the landlords decision and think she’s greedy and the ones who think that she’s right, because she looses money (or has got opportunity costs) while me as tenant use her apartment for raising money via AirBnB.

I think both sides are right somehow.

Now I decided to change the flat and I will already move out in September, I think that’s the best way.

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@S_Klmpl what % of your profit did you agree to share with your landlord? Because I don’t think she agreed you to do airbnb with nothing in return, right?

If you can get time in person with them to explain that they can make more money by you providing a furnished apartment and oversee the stay of your guests, and screen them carefully, I don’t see why a landlord wouldn’t want to hire you. You would need to discuss cost of insurance liability and extra utilities and as long as the landlord got a cut I don’t see why they wouldn’t want you doing it. If you are just crying and being emotional that is definitely not going to work on them.