Lack of communication

I have guests arriving Sunday with 2 children. We don’t normally host kids so I need to know their ages / plan for sleeping arrangements and amenities in order to prepare the cottage. From their profile pic it looks like ages 1 and 3. No response through airbnb regarding the questions about the kids and phone number isn’t in service.
Would you just roll with it and prepare as best you can or cancel due to no communication (can’t prepare properly)? They are new to airbnb and have no ratings. Don’t want to be harsh but also don’t want to have to over prepare or scramble last minute for stuff they need.

I would not worry about prepping the cottage for toddlers. I’m sure the parents will bring everything they need for their children. As for the lack of communication, mom probably has her hands full with two babies and probably hasn’t had a chance to check her emails.


Fair enough, moms definitely have their hands full! They also ignored the question during our initial conversations about a month ago…not sure what to make of it!

tag them as poor communicators in their review.


No excuse.

As, many years ago, a single dad with two little’uns when I took them away I was extremely interested to know the scenario I was going into, and what shit I had to bring, and what I hadn’t.

A red flag being waved already?

If you do host them, sounds like a 3* for comms.



@HuppHouse When I have had guests who don’t respond to multiple messages, I have contacted Airbnb to try to get ahold of the guest. They’re hard to reach now, but supposedly are dealing with reservation issues if they are within 72 hours of check-in. That the phone number on file isn’t in service is concerning, and present this to Airbnb as a trust and safety issue. If Airbnb can’t reach them either, if it were me, I’d insist on a neutral (no penalties to the host) cancellation.

New user, no reviews, invalid phone number, doesn’t answer messages, combine to a big red flag for me. As well as if they ignored a “No children rule”, which you don’t make clear.

And “harried mom” is zero excuse. I had 3 and was a single mom. I still dealt with everything that needed dealing with. If she’s too harried to answer a message which expresses your concern for her needs and comfort, I can pretty much guarantee she’s going to leave your place a mess.


It happens. Some guests do not see the notification on their phone from Air. They are not necessarily ignoring you at all.

Just send a quick text to make them aware so they need to check the app and respond. If, crickets afterward, then you may need other steps.

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Their phone # is out of service…





Time to contact Airbnb about the lack of communication. Use all three methods: call, Facebook & Twitter

You may not get immediate assistance but you will have documentation.

My concern is they will either be a no call/no show/no pay or show up and their payment not process.


Thanks Annet, if the guests show and payment doesn’t process, do you know what happens next? Are they asked to leave? Is the host out the funds?

Host is out $$$—I think. But others on this forum may have better info

You get a so sad too bad message from Airbnb and your guests get a free night…the hard thing is, when your guests show that they have paid and Airbnb cant find / dont send the payment…

Guess I need to go back and read some of air bnb’s fine print. I thought once the guest checked in the payment would be processed through air bnb and released after the guest left.

Have you tried emailing them? I usually just send them an email and ask them to check their ABB messages. I’ve always received a quick response (and apology) through that. Guests, especially new ones, don’t know to set up their messaging notifications. Once I started putting a note in my booking message about setting up notifications, it’s been very rare that I’ve had any issues.

Can the guests get in without meeting you or your co-host? If so, arrange things so that they’ll need to meet someone face-to-face to get the key or the keypad code.

Put a message on the platform to that effect, adding the question about the children. When you or your co-host meet the guests on arrival, if you still have no message from them, explain that you’ve prepared the place for the ages on the profile pic. During the house tour once they’ve seen the place and the preparations, ask them if there’s anything else they need.

How would the host have their email address? The coded Airbnb email feature is no longer available. (well, it is, but it’s a rather convoluted process- you have to go to some special page and “attest” that you will only use it for certain purposes)

I wouldn’t call it convoluted. It took all of 3 seconds. I email almost every guest some pdfs for stuff to do in the area. I’m not sure I understand where you’re coming from.

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