Kitchenette setup in Room ideas please

Hi all! I am new here and in the process of setting up a room in my home for ABB. I am able to close of doors and they have a private entrance and bedroom with bathroom on the 2nd floor. I don’t want to share my common area (have cats) and am trying to create a kitchenette station with mini fridge, microwave, coffee maker, etc.

I would love some ideas with photos to help! I am also unsure if I try to squeeze it into the landing at the bottom of the stairs, top or even in the room itself.

The room is large (23 × 13) and I am setting it up with a couch, etc so it’s almost a mini studio. It’s actually the master bedroom of the house and I am moving downstairs to the 1st floor den.

I have read some people don’t like food in the bedroom but I am not adverse to it, and there is enough space since the room is 300 sqft and will have a sitting area so no one needs to actually eat in the bed.

Help, advice, photos appreciated!

Wow, great set up!
Is there any way to situate the kitchenette so that it backs onto the bathroom instead? Then you might be able to also include a small sink


Unfortunately no, the bathroom wall is adjacent to the stairwell.

My friend had a kitchenette set-up in her studio, which unfortunately I don’t have any photos of. But it was in the living area and there was a separate bedroom.

She had a piece of furniture that had a sliding door shelf to stash the dishes in, and a countertop on it that was big enough for the microwave and kettle. The minifridge was next to it, with the coffemaker on top.

In your photo, I would say you need to make some adjustment to the sofa, carpet area if you want to put a kitchenette where you have indicated, or you’ll end up with food on the carpet and sofa.

I would set it up so there is a little bistro table and a couple chairs next to the kitchenette, which would entail rearranging the living room area to farther away and either getting a smaller rug or getting rid of the rug altogether. To me, the kitchenette would be better in the corner behind where the sofa is now rather than where you show it.

Food near upholstered furniture and carpet is a bad combination.


Thank you! I did not think of it that way.

My last rental was on the 2nd floor of my house with separate entrance. It has a bedroom/bathroom and separate room that was the kitchenette with frig, microwave, table chairs, baker’s rack.

What it didn’t have was a sink, so I left a tray for them to put dirty dishes on and return it downstairs to the closed entryway for me to wash.

In your situation, I would probably get a 3-4 panel screen to provide a little separation between bed and kitchenette.


You can do it similar to the style I’ve seen in hotels. Usually a long slim desk with a tray with a couple of glasses and mugs, bottled water, coffee packets, and mini coffee maker. Underneath the desk a small fridge. I found this image in Google. Intead of a print on the wall, you can do a wall mounted TV.

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Here’s my setup, my kitchenette is split on both sides of the suite exterior door, and I was fortunate to be able to tear out a closet and install a sink on the opposite side of the shower wall.

One thing to be aware of is having enough electric circuits to run multiple appliances – microwave, fridge, electric kettle, toaster over, etc. I had to add to my panel. I also added tile backsplashes to save the painted drywall from splatters.

Gosh I oughta do something about that tangle of TV wires!

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Great idea, i think that would make it more area zoned and flow better .

I believe code requires a separate circuit for a microwave. Definitely look into the electrical requirements.

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