Kitchen Trends - Uber Eats

I’m paraphrasing a Linked In article I read yesterday.

Apparently in addition to the trend towards micro apartments designed for renters, they are also offering a choice of kitchens without big ovens, etc. with a view to minimizing the size. What they are finding surprising is that 70% are opting for the minimal kitchen option.

Uber Eats and similar offerings apparently are doing a big business in urban locations. I noticed the trend here, particularly in the last year, and particularly on the weekend.

I am urban, and looking at developing connections with Uber Eats type offers further for my guests. If anything this will look like making it easier for them, and ideally it will mean preferred service.,

Your thoughts?

I use Uber Eats all the time and recommend it to my guests. What did you have in mind?

Thanks for your reply.

I don’t use it so I am not sure yet, but our guests sure are! I would like to advocate it in my listings, particularly when guests are looking for diversity. We have a number of local places and specialties. My role would be to find ways to enhance the service and make it easier all round.

Well it’s very easy to add the Uber Eats app if you already have an Uber account. The two will link up. You could get the app so you could see which places were offering delivery via Uber Eats and make a list of the ones you recommend.

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My home area is serviced more by GrubHub but Uber Eats & another one are catching up. Also many of the area restaurants are promoting their carry out services.

I used Grub Hub last night.

I understand the appeal of smaller rentals—less expensive & less to keep up. I like cooking but after a busy workday I don’t have time. A delivery meal is usually enough for dinner & lunch the next day.

So yes—let your guests know which of the food delivery services are active in your area & maybe share your favorite orders as recommendations