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Kitchen Quarantine: What’cha Cook’n?

@RiverRock inspired this topic. He posted a bread recipe as a calming reply to change the subject and lighten the mood. I thought it deserved to be a Topic of its own.

I had some produce (eggs, spinach, lemons, yogurt) that I needed to use before they went bad so today I tackled

  • Spinach & Feta Quiche with Sweet Potato Crust
  • Lemon Berry Yogurt Cake

Recipes below.


  1. The lemon cake I modified from Bundt Pan to four quarter loaf pans, requiring half‘ng the ingredients and cutting the bake time down to about 32 minutes. It also allows me to put the 3 other loafs in the ziplock bags to freeze.
  2. The version of the quiche i made is below with a few slight changes (avocado oil, almond milk). I couldn’t find the online version, however the cooking light url has a video that helps a bit.

What a nice topic!

I hope you don’t mind if I post my husband’s recipes, since I don’t cook.

Ants in a Tree is hot as hell and one of our major favorites.


Well, most of you know I’m a Personal Chef (called The Kilted Cook) in addition to preparing full breakfasts for our AirGuests. Here’s the link to my more-or-less-weekly food blog, called Fooding Around With The Kilted Cook.

The Spaghetti Squash Tots recipe below the link is my new favorite – simple and very tasty!


Spaghetti Squash Tots
That’s right “tater” tots made from spaghetti squash! As a side or a vegetarian main dish these are sooo simple and soooo tasty, you’ll make them again and again.

1 Medium-Large Spaghetti Squash
1 Egg, beaten
1/2 cup grated Parmesan
1 cup Breadcrumbs – Panko would be best, but regular crumbs are just fine
1 Tbsp Seasoning of choice

That’s it!

Well ahead of time, halve and cook the squash – microwave or oven – until forkable. Let the squash cool completely (no sense in burning your hands). Use a fork to rake the flesh out onto tea towels or paper towels and let it air-dry for an hour or so. Then chop the stringy flesh some so you get short strands not long strings.

You need 1-1/2 cups (packed) of the flesh, or you’ll have to scale the recipe a bit to compensate.

Pre-heat the oven to 400F. Meanwhile…

Stir everything together in a large bowl, and give it a couple minutes to rest. Then scoop up a couple tablespoons of the mixture and mash it in your hand as you shape it into a sort of smooth “tot” or “nugget” shape.

Lay the tots out on a lined baking sheet or roasting rack like the one I have. Dust with a little more seasoning (I used Evergladestm). Bake for 20-30 minutes until nice and brown, turning if/as needed.

Serve with a dipping sauce or two (even ketchup, if you must).


I made an Irish Oat bread as I’m trying to avoid gluten. I hope this recipe isn’t behind a paywall. I ate it with a shrimp gumbo made from scratch but great recipes for that are all over the internet. Last night I used the rest of my shrimp to have shrimp scampi with a recipie from Alexa, lol.

Also, it’s getting too hot here to bake, it’s due to be in the 80’s this week. There may be a few days where I could bake in the morning. So if anyone has great stove top, instapot and crock pot recipes, especially using lentils I’d love to see them.

I make both of these a lot; some of the rare heathy recipes of barefoot contessa


  • in both recipes I use cans of dice tomatoes, in lieu of plumb; reducing a step
  • it’s definitely not ‘Texas Chili’ so hopefully no one gets on my case for that
  • BC roasts her chicken breasts but I guess you could bbq or poach if you didn’t want to use your oven
  • both recipes make a lot but both freeze very well and are good for microwaving to heat up
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I did not know this!! I have used your recipes!! :heart:

Just so happens I have one of these from my produce bin…

Did you see Ina’s IG post with her cocktail? I adore her!

Here is my gluten free banana bread. I make it in muffin tins because then I can freeze it.

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I have been making soda bread, shepherds pie, vegetable soups, my own butter, banana ice-cream, fish baked in foil with herbs and wine this week. :wink:

Sorry no recipes as it’s all in my head :slight_smile:


I have a grill and a smoker…basically an outdoor kitchen on my back pation that I do most of my hot weather cooking in.


Substitute veggie stock in the lentil recipe and its vegetarian :slight_smile: I am going to try it




I sense another Topic on just cocktails. “How bad could that be?”

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Well, since you asked…

Tequila is not my friend, that’s all I have to say rn


That sounds lovely, if it was only warm enough here to be able to have an outdoor kitchen. Lucky if we get really hot days on any summers day.

I’m very, very lucky indeed. It’s warm enough here to cook out virtually year round. There are typically just a handful of days each winter (cold) or spring (wind and dust) where one really wouldn’t want to be out in it.

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Here is the banana ice-cream recipe i use. @KKC perfect for a hot day.

Everytime I get some bananas that are getting soft I peel them, cut them into chunks and put them in a freezer bag.

When i have 8 bananas. I do the following;

Get half a tub of greek yoghurt, some maple syrup, and some almonds. You could also use toffee chunks/chocolate sauce or whatever else takes your fancy.

When ready to eat throw the banana into a food processor or blender with the yoghurt and some maple syrup and whizz until smooth. Add a bit of milk if you like. Whizz until you get a creamy texture.

Scoop into 8 bowls then top with the sauce and nuts.

Done - how simple is that ice-cream that you don’t need to freeze :smiley:


Ok, so my 12" frying pan needs to be replaced, the non stick coating is starting to come off after only 15 years.

I am thinking about a 12" cast iron skillet, what are your thoughts @KenH?


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Hope you don’t mind me chipping in as I am not @KenH. @RiverRock

I absolutely love my Le Creuset frying pans and casseroles, but boy are they heavy, particularly when you are doing a large casserole, but a dream to cook with.

I also have a cast iron pan with ridges that i use for griddling which is also fab.

Are those the baked on enamel? I have a dutch oven like that… I will look into it thx

$204.95 for the 12" . well I likely would never need another one!

Oh tequila is my friend, it’s just not necessarily safe to have me drinking it… I’m the Queen of the Conga Line.


Here’s what I’ll be making for dinner tonite

@KKC -> lentils
@RiverRock -> vegetarian

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