King, Queen or Twin Beds in 3 bedroom house

Hi all, I am new to AirBnB hosting and am about to fit out our house to rent out on AirBNB for the very first time and am wondering what the best set up would be in terms of beds in each room. The house will be rented in its entirety and I thought perhaps I would have a King or Queen Bed in the Master bedroom and then wasn’t sure whether to put a Queen in the second room and twin beds in the third room or alternatively twin beds in both the second and third rooms. I was also considering putting a pull out sofa bed in the house to allow for extra guests. Any advice would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile: Thanks everyone.

I think that the number of people a place can accommodate is actually all about how many toilets and showers there are. Nine people using one bathroom is a recipe for disaster. If this were my space, and there was just one bathroom, I would do two doubles [queens] and one room with two twins. If you have two bathrooms, then I would start thinking about a pull out bed, or three twins in one room.


I only have 1 bath for both myself and my guests (as a live-in host) so I only rent out one room with a queen bed with 2 guests max. Sounds about right. If I ever add a bath that I can make into my own private bath, then I’d consider adding a second guest room. Currently, I use the other room as an office. :slight_smile:

Hi, thanks so much for your reply, I didn’t think about a pull out so that’s very helpful. We do have two bathrooms (one ensuite) so perhaps I will do two Queens and a twin (with pull out).

We rent our 3rd floor - 3 bedrooms and one bathroom. We do one Queen, one double and one set of twins. Have had many people who appreciate the choice.

We are in Barcelona an have a 4 bedroom flat with originally 1 bathroom. The set up is as follows: 2 queen bedrooms, 1 king bedroom, and 1 room with bunk-beds, for a grand total of 5 beds sleeping 8 people. We hosted with one bathroom for a full year, then added an additional toilet for the second year, and the third year we turned the toilet room into a ‘wet room’ with a shower/sink/toilet. In older buildings and cities, like ours, one bathroom is the norm. Sometimes you get an extra toilet room, but 2 full bathrooms is not normal unless you have done major refurbishment.

We have a King in the master, Queen in one guest bedroom and both a full and twin trundle in the other. Variety seems to work for us.