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King Bed Vs. Queen Bed in 1 Bedroom condo?

Hey Everyone - Trying to determine putting a King in over a Queen… Is there any suggestions? We have multiple listings of the same or similar room in the same building. I would think maybe trying to push we have a king over a queen might help the bookings / differentiate or am I simply throwing money away? Thoughts or comments? Thank you.

I love king sized-beds and it would be a factor in me choosing your place over one with a queen. We have a queen at home because of space constraints and having a king is a treat.

What is the price difference in bedding? What is your market? I wonder if Europeans and Asians would be attracted to the larger bed? Are you a budget place or higher?

Will a king leave enough room for benches for luggage, a desk, end talbes, room to move? As you know guests come with lots of stuff and need room to put it. In fact my current guests were saying they stayed in an airbnb recently that had no room at all for their things and to move around. That was a huge negative for them.

Just my thoughts.

Good points. Vancouver near the water. Condo is smaller. I think maybe a king bed with some under storage drawers to maximize space wouldn’t be bad. Difficult to gauge market as were just starting up. Everything books up in Vancouver as its high season. i see rates of people listed but i don’t know if they are their low room here room there rates or their standard high season rates. i would think 190 a night is feasible in summer? The closet also has some build ins. Tough call with a smaller space i suppose

Right, because they will have suitcases, so the underbed storage will be limitedly useful, unless they are there a long time. I have two storage benches for suitcases and a desk, and the room is almost always quite full of stuff, even with groups of 2.

Personally, I would think being sure there is room to move and places for suitcases would be a priority. But I’m a moderate-budget traveler because I’m a mom with three kids, so I wouldn’t be your market anyway. Either way,the point is, the issue is beyond price and what will be comfortable for the guests.

You can see the bench in this photo - and there’s a smaller one at the end of the twin. They keep the suitcases off your bedding, are convenient for the guests, and offer additional storage for blankets and pillows.

@dcmooney, LOVE the benches! I have one but it’s much smaller. I’ve no idea if peeps put their suitcases on it or not since I never go in their rooms.
As to the original poster…I LOVE a king bed. Space prevents me from having one in the room I rent out (it would just take over the room), but when traveling, I prefer a king. Demographically, I’m a single 53 yr old single woman who when traveling, usually goes for a moderate price point, (although I guess that is subjective) if given a choice, I’d take a king over a queen.

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What are the dimensions of the room? That will guide the answer.

I would do the biggest bed you can manage that makes sense for the room. I’d be more inclined to book a listing with a king than a queen, all other things being equal.

Right now I have a listing with two bedrooms where one bedroom has a queen and the other a twin. We could squeeeeze in a full, but if we re-hang the door to the room, we can fit a queen in there–and we’re going to go that route in the coming weeks.


Good point Felix. Bedroom of this 1 bedroom condo is 9.5’ X 11’. Very small by house standards… Okay by condo standards here but a king might overtake an already pretty small room?

I was thinking about getting a storage bed where guests could put their clothing in?

Heres a photo of the suite prior to purchasing. Bed is a queen I think in the photo.

A safe configuration would allow for a small nightstand on either side of the bed. This will ensure there is free walking access to both sides. A king size bed won’t be that enjoyable if they must crawl onto it from the foot of the bed.

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John, You want a minimum of 3 feet of clearance on the sides of the beds to let people who are not familiar with the room to move around in the dark, and get in and out of bed comfortably. If a king fits, go with the king.

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Sounds like it might be a bit tight. Weve opted to put a queen bed in. thank you for the insight :slight_smile:

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I now find myself in this same position. I was going to replace a queen with a queen, and then thought - maybe I should upgrade to a king? Would require new sheets, etc., but would, perhaps, be worth it.

Any additional thoughts? We’ve had a lot of new people on the forum since the OP posted this. @John, did you go with the queen?

I actually find King beds overwhelming, and love queen beds. In fact, I would rather have a comfortable club chair in the room as opposed to an oversized bed. But, as you are learning, I am not your average traveler and my “standard” guests have surprised me repeatedly with what they find important. If it helps, I travel with my partner and neither one of us likes “loosing” the other person in the middle of the night. [Gosh, that sounds odd!]

My space has a queen. I designed the bed area of the room to fit that size bed with two end tables exactly. So glad that I don’t have to make these decisions again. Made it once, the walls are now there, and they are not moving!


good thoughts, thanks!!

I ended up going with a queen due to the smaller size of our bedrooms here in Vancouver. I think a king bed is great way to differentiate from your competition if used in your advertising effectively… I don’t think it would get me a higher rate, but it should act as a tie breaker for many people when selecting who to rent from. I know the Ikea hideabed I chose over a standard couch in our 1 bdrm suite has paid of in spades getting me many 3-4 people bookings at $19-24 extra pp per night. Typically families with kids.

If i had the space, I would go king and market the hell out of it based on having alot of competition.

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Thanks for the tip! The room looks great - nice touch with the pillow picking up the color of the picture over the bed.

My set up is almost identical except there is a bit more space to the right. Where your drape is I have a 7’ tall potted slender artificial tree and two small dressers (joined together as one) under the wall of windows.

Until 10 days ago, I used to have a handsome chocolate brown microfiber club chair in the corner near the foot of the bed. It was a perfectly good chair which looked good in the corner but not very practical so I got rid of it. The resulting space is perfect for the travelers’ suitcases. The opposite side of the room has a small book stand with a flat-screen TV and printer.

The bed started off as a queen-size platform w/headboard and stand-alone matching nightstands. I kept banging my shins on the corners of the platform when making the bed so I put a king mattress on it which matched the width perfectly. No more wood-meets-shins. Having a king-size bed has been a definite deal-maker with my target travelers and it is also my personal preference when traveling. No more jostling the other unintentionally.

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This is an interesting idea for converting my personal bed to a king. Thanks for the tip.

…and yet, the guests can still jostle each other intentionally if they choose… :grin:


I don’t know if you welcome babies or not, but I found a king size bed was a lifesaver when we were traveling with an infant.

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