Keyless Lock with Remote Adding/Deleting of Pin Codes from Phone?

Does anyone know of a Smart Keyless Lock in which I can use my phone to remotely Add/Delete Pin Access Codes? The ones that I have seen on the market only allow you to Add/Delete codes from the unit itself.

I use the Iris by Lowe’s controller and have both Schlage and Kwikset smart locks. I love it - works great. I control everything from my iPhone.

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I had Vivint installed about 6 months ago. They partner with AirBnb so I did receive a small incentive for being a host! Also, since they’re partners, my AirBnb calendar syncs with Vivint which automatically sends guests their personal keyless codes prior to their arrival (and deletes them after the reservation has been completed). I am very happy with this service!

Lockstate LS6i. Automated codes and sync to my airbnb account (check in and checkout time, and email generated and sent to guest). First class and heavy duty… plus, it is NOT a deadbolt - so often people using a deadbolt forget to re set it or slam the door with the bolt extended.

We setup our doors to self close and the e-lock is set to auto lock after 30 seconds. We never expire the code until we’re sure the guest has left. But the nature of our rentals are probably different than most. Our units are setup for university student housing and we just fill-in with ABB when a unit or room is empty between semesters.

Rolf, I am intrigued about your lock. Can you share a link?

It’s on your host assist page:

@Rolf what happens if your wi-fi goes out?

nothing, the lock has all the info etc internal. You can even remove the batteries and replace them and nothing is ‘lost’.

Of course, no wifi means no remote open etc, but as with all keyless locks, you can program them right at the lock itself.

The wifi is only used to transmit new info to the lock, such as a new access code.


I use a kwikset 914, Smartthings Hub, a smartapp that I paid $35 for lifetime subscription and support. I can set up to 40 codes remotely, schedule when the codes are active, revoke or remove the codes, etc. I get a text to my cell whenever the deadbolt engages or unengages. If the power goes out the lock still works but you can’t change the current programming and your text messages are delayed. The app I bought was off this website:
I bought the lock and hub from Amazon when they were on sale.
This is my front door:

I like the Kwikset locks. They tell my controller when their batteries are low and I get an email. The Schlages I have don’t do that.

The upside to the Schlage, though, is that they have a full 0-9 keypad whereas my Kwiksets only use 4 buttons for 0-9.

I’ve never heard of this! I’m looking into keyless entry options now but the door is next to a large vertical window so deadbolt is not an option. Do you control it by wifi?

I now use this lock, with their software.

I use this software with it

I use the august lock to do this

…and I use the forum lock to do this.

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