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Keyless entry AND exit


Does anyone know of a lock that provides keypad entry AND a way to see who / when people leave? In a perfect situation i would get a text not only when guest X enters, but also when guest x leaves…



I have a Nest keypad lock and I set up a different codes for my guests. I am notified of who and when they enter and when they lock the door behind them, as well as when the door is unlocked/locked when they leave. It does not track which person unlocks the door to leave however. The account also stores the history. I have the app on my phone and am alerted that way. Hope that helps!


Ditto. We love our nest/Yale lock.


It seems you need a camera to go with the lock? That’s the only way to see who is going in and out. I wonder if the Nest camera can interface with a Nest lock?


The only thing that stopped me from getting the Nest lock is it doesn’t have an actual key to turn the deadbolt as a backup. Likely not a common occurrence. But if the batteries fail, i have a lock-box and key on site for my electronic keypad for emergencies.

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