Keycafe London new locations put on hold, what are other alternatives?

Keycafe in London has put on hold its service to add new locations atm. Really keen only on this type of service (no self locks, semi automated locks and service agencies). London Airbners, any suggestions for the same service? Thanks in advance

Hi @Tamara_KN

I’m delighted to announce KeyNest has launched and is now available at more than 7 locations to handle your keys and give your guests a warm welcome.

KeyNest KeyNest is a network of cafés and shops with long opening hours where you can drop your keys for free. Your guests can pick up the keys at their leisure and will be warmly welcomed by the staff. The keys are tagged so they can be tracked online and stored in a safe behind the counter.

One of our goals at KeyNest KeyNest is to be extremely simple to use. Just create an account, send your guest the 6-digit collection code, and drop off the key at any time. KeyNest KeyNest will even notify you when your keys are collected, so you can relax knowing your guests have safely checked-in.

We look forward to everyone’s feedback!