Key Exchange & Security issues!

Hey Airbnb hosts,
We (Lockstache) are working on solving issues related to key exchange and security that Airbnb hosts are currently facing. Please fill in the following survey and help us collect more relevant data. Early adapters may find a bonus in there :wink:

Thank you in advance!

Well somewhat irrelevant but I was in Moldova Chisinau in 1999 for three months. I bet it’s unrecognisable now!

Not sure you’ll get a tonne of responses as we get so many information and survey requests but best of luck !

Haha, indeed. A lot has changed in 18 years! :slight_smile:
You’ll need to visit it again, to be able to compare, but sure hope things got better since then.

And thank you much! Any reply and time is much appreciated and valuable for us!
Best of luck to you as well Zandra! :wink: