Keeping track of cleaners

HWe use 2 or 3 cleaners regularly. One is our favorite, then the next is also pretty good but more expensive, and the third is our last choice before turning to Neighborly or some other app based option. My husband generally texts the first cleaner the dates, then the next after he hears back, etc. He (we) is having trouble keeping track of who we’ve asked for which dates, etc as the calendar doesn’t fill in order obviously. Just wondering how people keep track. I’ve been trying to enter it all in a separate spreadsheet but it’s giving me a headache. Any tips?

@Arlene_Larsson I’ve been using TurnoverBnB, which has been working pretty well for me - and it’s free, which is great. I don’t prioritize my cleaners in the TurnoverBnB app, and I’m not sure if you can. But you might try asking them if they can build that feature as they seem pretty open for suggestions.

Yes, I’ll have to play around more with the TurnoverBnB site. They’ve added the feature to “unpublish” a job it looks like, but what I want is to manually publish each job myself to the cleaners I want…or automatically publish the jobs to only certain cleaners. In addition, I do the cleaning myself on my days off, so if a turnover falls on one of those days I definitely don’t want those published to anyone.