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Keeping bedding and towels clean


I never understand this. I personally use washcloths for removing my mascara in the shower and I have NEVER stained one, not even the white ones. In fact most of the time I rinse my washcloths with a quick run through the water stream once on each side with the cloth held taught then wrong it out and hang on the shower bar to dry. I replace the dry one with a clean one when I get in the shower the next day and through the dirty, now dry, one in the hamper. It could be sitting there for a week or two or more. Not a single stain.


My wife thinks that specific types of mascara don’t come out. We’ve had a few washcloths in the listing that would not come clean, but others came out fine, even though they started out looking just as filthy.

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I have white towels, hand towels, and washcloths, but I also have a little basket of grey washcloths with a laminated sign that says something like, "Please help us save our white towels. Use these cloths to remove make-up, sunscreen (and I list other stuff). This has helped tremendously. I got this trick from another host on this forum. I have a bottle of oxi-spray for pre-treating stains on the linens because it works better if it sits for a spell. None-the-less, I still lose some linens, which become mine. I guess it is the cost of doing business. BTW, I LOVE JCPenney’s quick-dry waffle-weave towels. Soft, fluffy, 100% cotton, and last for almost forever. I’ve been hosting for over five years and I still have most of my original towels. The stained ones become cleaning rags and they are the absolute best for cleaning glass and mirrors. They are like magic cloths.


Yep. Plus, bleach is good for getting rid of nasty germs and stuff, if you know what I mean.


I have grey and striped blue/brown/white towels. I don’t get stains, but I have gotten bleach marks a few times, and there is no bleach provided with the washer and dryer. I think (as it was suggested on here) that it may be hydrogen peroxide-containing face products. I have brought those towels home. So either way, you’ll have problems. It may depend on how close you are to a wedding venue that you’ll have problems with makeup and fake tan.

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