Just when you think there is nothing else that could be written about Airbnb

With all the stories of Airbnb’s high fees, bad rentals, bad hosts, etc. out there now, I didn’t know there could be any thing new. Well I was wrong.

The prior tenant of a property listed their home on Airbnb. The owner sold it. The new owner (#1) couldn’t get the listing removed. At point the “host” removed the listing, then reactivated it after the home was sold again & when the new owner(#2) took possession.

Airbnb could not get confirmation from the host that the listing was inactive & left it up despite the new owner submitting proof of ownership.


The host has to “certify” that they have permission from the owner…I cant find this anywhere in the listing process. With other sites I had to supply rates / tax notices to confirm…
How to set illegal rental arbitrage 101!


I don’t quite get it. If anyone tried to check into my home, for which I have the deeds and all the legal stuff, I’d tell them to go away. Now. (But not as politely.)

Once guests started calling Airbnb to say that they couldn’t check in because some madwoman (with legal ownership) had told me to ‘go away’ they’d take notice.

Once that happened a few times, with guests complaining that they had been told to sod off (again, less politely) they’d soon take that listing down.


The new hosts I’ve helped set up their listings this year had to provide a copy of a property tax bill, utility bill or insurance bill. There is no certification of any permission. A renter will probably have their name on the utility bill so there is no verification of ownership or permission.


More evidence that AirBnB does not care about host or guest safety! They should require proof of ownership.

They (AirBnB) are SO quick to remove listings upon a guest complaint, even when it’s fairly obvious the complaint is retaliatory in nature, but it took forever for the legitimate owners of the property to get this listing removed!

I think Airbnb is hoping that the guest will have to cancel, host will refuse to provide a refund, and Airbnb can keep the service fees!

Always better to have more listings for the wall street analysts.

they’ve said when these problems arise, they investigate them and take action, and action was not taken over 10 times that we filed complaints

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