Just Want to Say Thanks

I wanted to thank the forum for all the support I get here. It has hit home how helpful it is most especially this weekend. If you think running a STR is drama, try owning a Small Children’s Entertainment Center in a fairly small community! As I was dealing with the fallout from mama drama the past couple of days, it occurred to me that an online support forum for small business owners like myself sure would have been nice to have. So Thanks Again Everyone!


We certainly have our shortcomings but when we are helpful we are gold. And there are tons of people who get mad and “leave” but in reality, just stop posting. They are still here reading. That’s how good we are.


@AvaH – You’re welcome. You’ll get our bill :rofl:.




I too am Thankful for so much. And this forum is so educational I am just chill about my future guests and hopefully I will continue to learn more here, since I am so hooked.

I wish everyone a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year. A friend came to stay in the trailer, even showered:) and loved it! She was my first “guest”


Just a suggestion since you are just starting out; If you have friends who you have stay in the trailer …

  1. Send them an invitation to join ABNB (if they aren’t already a member)
  2. Have them send you an inquiry about staying
  3. Accept the inquiry and give them a special offer of $10.
  4. Then ask them to write a review.
    That will get you the reviews to then get going.

PS. For the friend who has already stayed there, … do the same, only adjust the dates to something in the near future. Then your friend can write a review.

Yes! HH Az I had asked my friend in advance to "book " thru air, and she didn’t__ unspecified reason. But she really loved it and now wants to help us, so she and I will do exactly as you suggest.