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Just Venting a Little Bit

I do something similar. I’ll message the guest to request for a review and say something along the lines of “we are proud of our five star reviews and depend on them to attract quality guests like yourself” etc.

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I really like that! Need to find a way to slip that in somewhere.

I am frustrated, too, by the change – or what seems to me to be a change – in these rating systems. I’m with the poster above who stated that 3 stars used to be good, then 4 was very good and 5 was excellent. Now, anything under 5 is bad. I had one lady leave 4 stars on two things – location and value, I believe and when I wrote to ask her what I could have done to have her rate the stay as 5 stars, she said “oh, I never give 5 stars for anything”.

I did something similar once and the guest gave me 4 stars overall (although 5 stars in every subcategory). I have a feeling they did it just because they resented my presumption that they should give me 5 stars, and wanted to show me that I can’t tell them what to do.

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