Just the latest entitled guest……

Had a 7 week booking for our local hospital via an agency. Juggled 5 bookings (upgrades)
To make it work. She arrives Saturday as a self check in. Asks for another set of keys, husband delivers in 10 minutes- asks if everything is ok and she confirms.
On Monday a get an email from the agency with a forwarded attachment from her.

The unit smells of damp - carpets were cleaned 3 days ago.
Smell of cat urine.
Beds are damp - beds freshly made
Found a dead cockroach, therefore there is an infestation - pest control a week ago
Can’t open the windows- demonstrated - they open.
Scratching in the walls - they are solid brick.
Also claimed she would get sick staying there.
Inspection with her and the head of the department she is working for.
Eventually she admits that she didn’t look at the unit information and if she had of she would never have agreed to stay there.
IT WASNT HER “taste”
She was allocated Azile.
The agency was paying for the STR, so free accommodation.
The contract that was signed states no refunds as the unit is exactly as described…… she just didn’t like it so told lies to try and say it wasn’t up to standard.
Once she said she hadn’t even looked at where she was staying, the head of the unit was visibly aghast.
So sad too bad .
The cherry on the cake… she hoped I wasn’t offended!
Her specialty ……? PSYCHIATRIST
Seven week holiday for me!
And I smile when I look at the $7700 payment sitting in my bank account


I hope her duplicity has caused the agency to question the wisdom of placing her with their hospital clients. Anyone who slips into lying this easily and this extensively is sooner or later going to embarrass them. If fact – now that they are aware of her personality disorder, they may even face legal liability for knowingly placing her into life-and death medical operations where dishonesty can cost a patient their life.

Switching topics – at the risk of being told for eff off for offering unsolicited advice – what’s with the bathroom photo in your listing. It looks like the clogged toilet recently backed up onto the floor and splashed the wall under the sink. That photo would be a deal-breaker for me if I was looking to stay in that neighbourhood, even if I loved the rest of the duplex

Screenshot 2024-02-29 225834


Just after the tiling - with the original brick floor- I will change it! :grinning:

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Just astounds me that people have the gall, total lack of self-awareness, and zero sense of shame to act like this.

And who funds agencies like this? How can they afford to blow $7700 on behalf of an entitled, blatant liar?

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I googled her!
She has a Bachelors degree in Creative Writing!


Maybe her hospital job is writing obits

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Spin doctor for medical malpractice suits?

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That bathroom photo would be a deal breaker for me. Looks like mold and mildew and backed up toilet. Sorry, but I hope you changed it.

Glad you got your payout, sorry you dealt with her lies. She should get reported to the medical board - she’s placed in positions of power over people who need mental help. That’s a worry.


If there is any mold/mildew I recommend an amazing invented-in-Australia product called 30 Seconds

Spray… wait a while… wipe up residue, if any.


Looking up this product, it is just sodium hypochlorite, the main component of bleach. There is also a long list of surfaces you are not supposed to use it on. So why not just use bleach?

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Take the picture out until the work is finished! A definite “no!” for me… :open_mouth:


While the guest was certainly out of line I would invest a good portion of that payout into renovating that floor entirely.

Also the white tiles behind the sink cover thingie, almost at floor level, are definitely not clean.

No toilet paper on the holder. I would try to make each photo look the best way possible that a guest can expect when they arrive.

A clean bathroom is the most important amenity for me, both as a traveller and host.


The unit is 150 years old and majorly heritage protected. That is the original brick floor and is unable to be changed. The fines are horrendous!
That photo is old and it will be changed and no one has ever had a negative comment about the bathroom floor. The unit has 90% occupancy. You should see the worn sandstone threshold and it is gorgeous.

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Honestly @Debthecat I don’t see anything wrong with that bathroom or the photo. I wouldn’t have thought anything about it. The floor looks historic and really kind of cool and that dark spot reads as a shadow to me.

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Good for you to have never experienced any mentions by your guests.

I’m just curious as to why the historic floor happens to only be almost black around the toilet and the sink? Looks like a moisture related issue. But impossible to judge by one photo.

I would think that there is a legal way to clean that area to make it somewhat visually more appealing.

It was wet, it does not look like that, years later!
I have a current guest and will show a new photo on after the turnover and I will share it here


I understood you to say upthread that the floor no longer looks like that, so not sure why so many here are responding as of you have a gross bathroom floor.

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I am at the ‘Let It Go’ stage…. It’s like uploading a photo when you were 18 - nope…. Don’t look like that anymore :grinning:

Taaa Daah

Yeah that looks better. :+1: